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While 79 percent of entering college students plan to earn an associate degree, just 45 percent meet that goal within six years. The U.S. has fallen from having ...
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Each One Help One

JOIN THE CORPS Ryan “Riley B.” Bell, Jeannine Shaffer, both from St. Louis Community College, and Phi Theta Kappa Executive Director and CEO Dr. Rod A. Risley pictured at the college’s Commit to Complete Champions Rally.



Dear Students, Faculty, Staff and College Presidents, While 79 percent of entering college students plan to earn an associate degree, just 45 percent meet that goal within six years. The U.S. has fallen from having the highest percentage of citizens with a postsecondary degree to 16th among the 34 industrialized economies. If this trend continues, then we will not be able to compete in a global economy. We cannot let this happen. Supporting college completion is a moral imperative and an issue that threatens our national security and the future of our democracy. In 2011, Phi Theta Kappa launched the Community College Completion Corps (C4), a student led, campus-based effort to increase student success by informing all students about the benefits of completing a credential/degree and the consequences of not. As a result, hundreds of thousands of community college students have pledged to Commit to Complete – accepting responsibility for completing their credential/degree and promising to help at least one other student complete. Our next goal is to have more than 500 colleges engaged in the C4 initiative. Already, college presidents and state directors from 20 states have committed to coordinating statewide C4 activities. We are taking C4 beyond just a signing event to an initiative helping colleges develop a culture that supports college completion. We know the key to the success of the completion initiative rests in the hands of those who see or work with the students each day. For this reason, students will ask faculty and staff to become Completion Champions by signing a pledge and identifying two specific ways they will aid in the student’s completion. C4 is not just a Phi Theta Kappa effort – we serve only as the catalyst to engage all student organizations in the completion effort. Our goal is to have C4 institutionalized. To be successful, we must engage all student organizations, faculty/staff and the administration in this effort – an ongoing effort for years to come.

C4 Toolkit Your C4 Toolkit contains the materials you need to make your college completion project a success:

• Promotional posters • Student Commit to Complete cards

• Faculty/Staff Completion Champions cards

• C4 guides • Student Commit to

Complete signing banner

• Faculty/Staff Completion

Champions signing banner Kaitlyn, Rachel, Toni, Daniel and Jesus 2013-2104 Phi Theta Kappa International Officers Rod A. Risley, Ph.D. Executive Director and CEO Phi Theta Kappa

Additional Resources Available for purchase from the Phi Theta Kappa Store:

• C4 bracelets • C4 buttons • C4 signing banners To order, visit or call 800.946.9996.



College completion is not only a moral imperative but also an issue threatening our national security and democracy.

The Facts

• The U.S. has fallen from first to 16th among the 34 industrialized economies in the world when measuring the percentage of citizens having earned a college credential or degree.

• When comparing student math scores, the U.S. has fallen from first to 25th among the 34 industrialized world economies. • Today more than three million livable wage jobs are unfilled in the United States because students are not entering the fields or obtaining the skills, instruction and credentials required for 21st century jobs.

• America’s pool of qualified workers is shrinking rapidly as an increasing percentage of the population retires – meaning