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JOINING THE DOTS An overview of adverse public health trends since 1998 A correlation of research into Electromagnetic Radiation that shows harm resulting from exposure to wireless technology, with the exponential rise in illnesses since 1998.

Sarah Benson

Introduction This report aims to not only be a correlation of scientific and public health data, but also to highlight a truthful process, as much as possible a truthful, objective and accurate way of looking at what is presented to us by science and epidemiology..

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the links between scientific research into the adverse health effects of electromagnetic radiation and what was predicted as a result of this research – the abstract and the actual. All effects must have a cause – this is a fundamental tenet of the physical universe. To deny this is to be unscientific and lacking the faculty that underpins all scientific and intelligent discourse. My secondary purpose is to honour and exonerate the late Neil Cherry, much of whose work is quoted here. Dr Neil Cherry (Lincoln University, NZ), worked in tandem with other scientists such as Dr Stan Barnett (CSIRO), Dr Peter French, head of microbiology at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia, Dr John Holt, cancer specialist in Perth, Australia, Dr Bruce Hocking, Melbourne, the late Dr Ross Adey, USA, Professor Ted Litovitz, Catholic University of the US, and many others shortly before wireless radiation became as widespread as it is today. Their work was largely predictive, as the only real research they could use as a base was the Russian Embassy results from the 60s. Dr Cherry in particular did a meta-analysis of all that had been done to that point adn drew what have proved to be startling accurate predictions for public health. Whilst increases in diseases and illnesses have been steady for about four decades – statistics are now indicating that since the last 15 years we are seeing, worldwide, a marked increase in cancers, cardiac illness, obesity, diabetes, asthma, allergies in children, short term memory problems and sleeplessness, to name but a few. The medical fraternity is particularly concerned by the growing incidence of unexplained cancers; two Australian neurosurgeons in 2009 admitted that there is an epidemic of brain tumours - one that includes children. In fact the word ‘epidemic’ is repeatedly used to describe the global health collapse. There are many potential causes of illness – genetic and hereditary factors, as well as environmental pollutants such as chemicals. Nevertheless the only completely new pollutant in the past 10 – 15 years that coincides with the sudden spike in adverse health trends is electromagnetic radiation (EMR). With millions of antennas and satellites continually irradiating the global population for the past 15 years, these are in the spotlight as a clear source, being the only new pollutant affecting populations globally. Since this report was begun, there has been a growing awareness of the problems, and some effort to address them. Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada, is now an advocate for wireless radiation safety, leading an organisation called Canadians for safe Technology.1 The human body has its own sensitive electrical system – one that is easily affected by the artificial radiation which penetrates our bodies daily. “The human body”, says Dr. G. J. Hyland of the University of Warwick, UK, “is an electrochemical instrument of 1


exquisite sensitivity,” noting that, like a radio, it can be interfered with by incoming radiation. New Zealand physicist Dr Neil Cherry began his work as an electromagnetic radiation (EMR) meta-analyst when he was asked by a residential group contesting the siting of a mobile phone tower if he would be their expert witness. He consequently studied over 600 researchers worldwide, and was shocked to discover that EMR caused DNA breakages, chromosome aberrations, increased oncogene activity in c