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Heinz Lux, Director KNX Association

7 Three-fold Networking for Car Showroom Central management via KNX / IP and internet 8 Outstanding Reference in Moscow Reliable and energy-efficient building technology in the Federation Tower

ETS 4 U Thales of Miletus believed that the world consisted of water; Heraclitus held that the original substance was fire, and Pythagoras thought that the intrinsic nature of reality was the number. However, the total is greater than the sum of its parts. As we can read in Goethe: “…has then the parts in one’s hand, regrettably misses the mental band.” Today we know what holds the world together on the inside – it is information. Nothing works without software. You could say that it is the ‘soul’ which determines the behavior of systems as well as the interaction with its user. In other words: MMI. We are talking about user interface design, and that is exactly the approach which was at the center of development and design of ETS4. Easy assimilation, rapid work progress, tried-and-tested everyday usability and focused access are advantages which bring about significant simplification in today’s practice.

These are the reasons why they are used in the new software. The combination of parts that originally did not belong together to form new solutions is a characteristic of creative processes. The ability to visualize something as a whole which is composed of different parts is an important prerequisite for developing new things. This is the case here: with the ETS4’s facility for comparing projects, copying for rational design, long-term recording and project and tool diagnosis, this software opens new doors for modern home and building control technology – and all that with automatic on-line update. In other words, typical KNX: an ETS for you – ETS 4 U. The thinker Charles S. Peirce reminds us that “the importance of an idea ultimately rests in its practical effect”. So to find out the importance of ETS4, you have to try it out yourself.

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