June 2015

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What are we Appreciating in July?

June 2015

Steve Lundt, CLM | [email protected]

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First, we must ask what we are really appreciating. Is it thanks for our daily cup of java? Is it the reliable morning shower? Is it the awareness that your fishing trip depends on a healthy lake? Or is it an understanding that most of the food we eat relies on reservoir water? Yes, it is all of those things, but maybe the true thanks comes from keeping us feeling young by giving us childhood memories of those carefree summer days playing on a lake. We all want to be young again, and we like having reminders of those early lake memories. People need to give thanks to our lakes and reservoirs for those great, childhood experiences. We all know where water comes from and that it’s important to keep clean, but some of us forget how important a lake or reservoir was early in life. Those key youth experiences, fishing, camping, boating, skiing, canoeing, or just being around a lake, provided a permanent image in our brains that are associated with feelings of enjoyment, family, peace, excitement, community, vacationing, newness, and maybe even a deeper connection to the land. Photo: Washington State Library This is what we need to appreciate – lakerelated, childhood experiences that keep us feeling young.

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Coming up next month is Lakes Appreciation Month where folks are asked to give thanks to our hard working lakes and reservoirs. This designation has been around for many years (since 1994) competing with the likes of national ice cream month and tickling month, believe it or not. It is time to really make this national month-long celebration stand out.

Popular summer holidays like Fourth of July and Labor Day are well received. These summertime holidays give us great childhood memories that we hold on to and pass on to the next generation. With Lakes Appreciation Month, this level of excitement to celebrate, eat, and pass on memories needs to be as important. Focusing your lake events around childhood activities will create a better connection for people, young and old. ™

Next question - how do we celebrate Lakes Appreciation Month? Banks don’t need to close, but we do need to make this more mainstream. Food is a good start. How about a slight frosting alteration to those popular New York black and white cookies to make Continued on page 6 ...

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