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Renewal of license; application; continuing education; biennial ...... comply with that continuing education required of Kansas licensees during the twenty-four-.
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Kansas Dental Practices Act Statutes, Regulations, And Related Laws Pertaining To Dentists And Dental Hygienists Revised July 2014 Page 1 of 83

Disclaimer: This copy of the Kansas Dental Practices Act is unofficial. The Kansas Dental Board has provided this unofficial copy as a courtesy only. The inclusion or omission of any statute or regulation within this unofficial copy shall not be used as a basis for compliance with applicable local, state, or federal laws. Any typographical errors, omissions, or discrepancies between this unofficial copy and the official version are unintentional. The official version of the Kansas Dental Practices Act is codified in article 14 of chapter 65 and article 14 of chapter 74 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated and amendments or supplements thereto. Chapter 71 of the Kansas Administrative Regulations contains all official agency rules and regulations. The official version shall control. No part of this unofficial copy of the Kansas Dental Practices Act shall constitute legal advice or offer relief from any professional duty.

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INDEX KANSAS DENTAL BOARD STATUTES CHAPTER 65.—PUBLIC HEALTH ARTICLE 14.—REGULATION OF DENTISTS AND DENTAL HYGIENISTS K.S.A. CAPTION PAGE 65-1421 License required to practice dentistry or dental hygiene. 9 65-1422 Persons deemed to be practicing dentistry. 9 Act inapplicable to certain practices, acts and operations; 65-1423 10 definitions. 65-1424 Proprietor defined; revocation of license, when. 11 Corporations not to practice dentistry; exception; employee to 65-1425 12 display name. Application for license; temporary license; qualifications of 65-1426 13 applicants; approval of dental schools or colleges. Specialists; standards and qualifications; certificate fee; limiting 65-1427 13 practice; misdemeanor; suspension or revocation of license. Examination of applicants; examination subjects and results; 65-1428 14 licenses. 65-1429 Subsequent examination upon failure to pass; fee. 15 65-1430 Display of name and license. 15 Renewal of license; application; continuing education; biennial license renewal fee; cancellation; penalty fee; waiver for retired or 65-1431 15 disabled persons; examination for persons returning to active practice after retirement or disability. Reinstatement of a revoked license; application form; burden of 65-1431a proof; conditions and restrictions; proceedings; stay of order of 17 revocation of license. 65-1432 Change of practice location address. 17 65-1433 Duplicate license; fee. 17 Licenses issued without examination; qualifications of applicants; 65-1434 18 appearance before board; “applicant” defined. Improper use of certain names by dentists; exceptions; unlawful 65-1435 acts; suspension or revocation of license; limitation on multiple 19 office ownership. [20% Rule] Grounds for refusal to issue license or for action against license of dentist or dental hygienist; disciplinary action by board; notice and 65-1436 20 hearing; professionally incompetent defined; physical or mental examination. 65-1436a Repealed. 23 65-1437 Advertising; prohibitions; rules and regulations; “licensee” defined. 23 Using services of unlicensed person; written prescription; 65-1438 23 misdemeanors; suspension or revocation of license. Unlawful advertising or use of dental services and appliances; 65-1439 24 misdemeanor; revocation of license. 65-1440 Repealed. 24 Page 3 of 83

65-1441 65-1442 65-1443


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65-1456a 65-1457 65-1458 65-1459 65-1460 65-1461 65-1462 65-1463 65-1464 65-1465

Sale, offer to sell, procurement or alteration of diploma or license; misdemeanor; fraud or cheating. Board to assist prosecuting officers. Repealed. Drugs; surgery; anaesthetics; appliances; qualifications for administering intravenous sedation and general anaesthetics; sedation permits; rules and regulations;