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"DR. TURNER HAS PROVIDED THE READER with an extraordinary glimpse into the lives of her family and friends. With curiosity and courage, she has explored their UFO encounters; with compassion and commitment, she has helped them to deal with their anxieties, doubts, and fears. Dr. Turner has shown intellectual integrity in describing her detailed records of events, and writing skill in expressing her concerns about the implications of these encounters . . . " —R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., Counseling Psychologist, Founder of the Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation

". . . the stunning correlations among these accounts will give the cautious researcher a reason to pause and reconsider the boundaries of his own beliefs." —John S. Carpenter, MSW/LCSW, Psychiatric Hypnotherapist, Mutual UFO Network Director for Abduction Research

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Without the help and support of several people, the experiences described in this book might have been overwhelming. I want to thank my dearest friend, Bonnie, for her faith in my sanity and honesty, for always being there when I needed to talk, and for offering an objective perspective. Sandy and Fred, two others who had experiences of their own, were great confidants, and I thank them for their friendship. I also thank James for his courage and perseverance, and especially for his generosity in allowing me to include his story with ours. Barbara Bartholic proved to be the greatest ally that Casey and I could have had in our quest to understand what we were going through, and there are no words adequate to express our appreciation to her. Without her tireless work on our behalf, this story would be greatly diminished. Finally, every woman should be blessed with a husband as strong, supportive, and loving as Casey. Thank God I am.

A NOTE TO THE READER All of the people in this account are real. Because of the nature of the events they experienced, however, several people involved have chosen to be identified by pseudonym or by first name only .Whenever a pseudonym is used, it will be noted at that name's first appearance in the story.

INTRODUCTION In December 1987, Casey (a pseudonym) Turner was a successful computer consultant in a large southwestern city. He had a happy second marriage, good health, professional respect, intelligence, and a kind, good-humored nature. At the same time, David Trayne (pseudonym), a bright science student at the local university, was living on five acres of a 35-a