KC Olympics Wiffleball Rules - KC Crew

They have been ... (i.e. a pitcher can get 3 outs in the first inning and then get three outs in the sixth inning, ... contact (think NFL endzone rules for a receiver).
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KC Olympics 2017 Rules of Wiffle

Part of what makes Wiffle so unique is its rules. Every backyard has its own custom book of quirks, wrinkles, and the wacky. Our rules and fields are no different. They have been developed through decades of backyard battles, in the spirit of sheer Wiffle whimsy, and have been thoroughly tested by KC Wiffle, Kansas City’s premiere Wiffle League (https:// www.facebook.com/KCWiffleBall/).

There will be a 1-person umpiring crew enforcing these rules at each of the two fields. Naturally, these umpires will not also play. There is a handful of people, however, who are pulling off this Wiffle tournament and they are playing on various teams. This is simply to adhere to one of the most basic laws of Wiffle: Wifflers Must Always Wiffle. To work at Wiffle without playing Wiffle is to chew without swallowing. But be rest assured these men are honest, decent human beings so there will be no funnybusiness.

Standard Rules

Unlike other sports in KC Olympics, this is a men’s tournament only. (Sorry! Maybe next year?)

Each game will last 9 innings or 60 minutes, whichever comes first.

If the home team is trailing and time expires, they must finish the full inning.

If there’s a tie at the end of the allotted innings or time, then we have a “Home Run Derby”. See the rules below. (#theresnotieinwiffle)

• You’re allowed no less than 5 players and no more than 8 on the field. All the players that are present must bat in the lineup. If you show up with less than 5 players, you are assigned one out per # of guys you’re missing every time you go through the lineup. • • • •

(E.g. If you only have 4 guys and your opponent agrees to play, then there’s one extra out applied every time you go through the lineup. If you play with three, then there’s 2 extra outs every time through your lineup.)

• Every batter begins with a 1 and 1 count. There is no foulball limit.

• Strikezone: the metal, upright folding chair – anything that “pings” (all but the legs beneath the seat)

• The Meatball Rule - there will be no walks.  If a pitcher "walks" a batter, the batter gets to choose a teammate to throw ONE pitch to him.  Anything less than a hit is an out. The pitch must be thrown overhand and from the actual rubber.

• Every team must use a minimum of 4 pitchers. At least 4 pitchers need to make at least one out. All pitchers will not be allowed to make more than 6 outs, which do not need to occur consecutively.  The pitcher's 6 outs may occur at any time throughout the game (i.e. a pitcher can get 3 outs in the first inning and then get three outs in the sixth inning, or one out every inning, etc).

• We run the bases. No leads, steals, or advances. You can leave the bag when the ball crosses the plate.

• Bunting is not the wiffle way and ANY attempt is an automatic out.

• In order to get an out that’s not a force play, you may tag or "bean” the runner on any part of their body. Just don’t aim for the head ok?

• Standardization of Equipment - all fields will use the trademarked Wiffle Ball and either the Wiffle yellow bat, the blue Blitz bat, or the plastic Easton or Louisville Slugger black bat. If under windy conditions, the Umpire Chief may decide to apply a strip of white duct tape to the balls to assist with pitching accuracy.

• Crying is not allowed unless you lose by one run.  If you lose by one run, crying is encouraged to show that you care.

Field Specific Rules

Each field will also have it's own unique set of rules.  

“Stables Field” – this field boasts a short porch in left, “urban warfare” walls in right, and maintains all the makings of that backyard charm Wiffle demands. You’ll love it. The rules will make sense once you can see it and we can walk you through them on site. Left Field: 1. Telephone Pole in left = foul pole

2. The shrub next to the foul poul in left