KIV-BT900 KIV-700 -

whenever you call upon your Kenwood dealer for information or service on the ... Adding a Voice Dialing Command ... iPod/iPhone that can be connected.
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Contents Before Use


Component Names and Functions


General Operation


Exit of the Demonstration Mode Power and Source Select Volume Menu List Operation

iPod/iPhone Operation


Basic Operation Selecting a Song by Browsing iPod Play Mode iPod Setting Selecting the Search Mode Direct Search Related Search Alphabet Search Skip Search My Playlist

USB device/ Zune/ Internal Memory Operation 14 Basic Operation File Search Skip Search Play Mode Direct Music Search USB Setting Copying from USB device Deleting Files in Memory Picture File Viewing Wallpaper Downloading

Disc Changer Control (Optional)



KIV-BT900/ KIV-700

Clock and Other Functions 38 Clock and Date Adjustment Initial Settings Demonstration Mode Setting Muting Volume upon Reception of Phone Call



Car Type Selection Speaker Setting Car Type Fine Adjustments X’Over Setting Audio Preset Memory Audio Preset Recall

Favorite Control


Favorite Preset Memory Favorite Preset Recall Favorite Preset Memory Delete

Bluetooth Setup

Connecting a Bluetooth Device Basic Operation

2 |


Basic Operation Display Setting Illumination Color Selection Customization of Clock Display Customization of Display Auxiliary Input Display Setting

DSP Setup

Bluetooth Audio Operation 28

Connecting a Bluetooth Device Receiving a Call During a Call Call Waiting

Basic Operation Satellite Radio Setting Category and Channel Search Preset Memory Preset Tuning Channel Scan Direct Access Tuning

Audio Control Preset Equalizer Curve Select Manual Equalizer Control Listening Position Selection Listening Position Fine Adjustments Dual Zone System

Basic Operation Tuner Setting Station Preset Memory Auto Memory Entry Preset Tuning Direct Access Tuning iTunes Tagging PTY (Program Type) Program Type Preset

Operation of Hands-Free Phoning

Display Settings

Audio Adjustments

Basic Operation Play Mode Direct Music Search Direct Disc Search

Tuner Operation

Satellite Radio Tuner Control (Optional) 58

Other Functions Making a Call Speed Dialing (Preset Dial) Calling a Number in the Phone Book Calling a Number in the Call log Dial a Number Make a Voice Dialing Call Registering to the Preset Dial Number List Display of Phone Number Type (category)



Bluetooth Setting Registering Bluetooth Device Registering PIN Code Selecting the Bluetooth Device You Wish to Connect Deleting a Registered Bluetooth Device Downloading the Phone Book Adding a Voice Dialing Command Setting a Voice Command for Category

SMS (Short Message Service) 56 Downloading the SMS Display the SMS

HD Radio™ Tuner Control (Optional)