Known Diploma Mills

Adams Institute of Technology. Addison ... Bangalore Institute of Science, Technology, and Management – India ..... Miami Christian University – Miami, Florida.
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Known Diploma Mills A Abba Institute – Texas Abacus Academy Academie Europeene d’Informationsation – Belgium Academy for Contemporary Research Academy of Healing Arts Academy of Health Sciences and Nutrition Academy of Natural Therapies – Hawaii, California, Wyoming, Montana Academy of Religious and Spiritual Studies Accelerated Degree Programs Adam Smith University – Hawaii, Liberia, Saipan Adams and Washington University – England, South Carolina Adams Institute of Technology Addison State University – Ottawa Canada Adjunct College – Texas Advanced Education Trust Advanced Learning Network – Vermont Akamai University – Hawaii Al Qasim University – Pakistan Alabama Christian College – Montgomery, Alabama Alberdeen University – New Mexico Albert University – Delaware Alexandria University – Nevada - US online, not Egyptian Almeda College and University – Florida, Idaho Al Qasim University All Saints American University – Liberia Almeda College (University) – Florida, Idaho Alston University – Stockton, California Ambai University – Massachusetts Ambassador University Corporation American Austin University American Capital University – Wyoming, Liberia American Central University – Wyoming American City University – Wyoming American Coastline University – Hawaii, Louisiana, New York, California, Russia American College of Health Science – Texas American College of Metaphysical Theology American Columbus University – California American Extension School of Law – Chicago, Illinois American Global Universities – Wyoming, Iowa, California American Independent International University American Institute of Management Studies – Hawaii, Indonesia American Institute of Science – Indianapolis, Indiana American International Academy – New York and Washington American International University – Canoga Park, California American International University of Management and Technology – Hawaii, California American Legion University American Management Institute American Medical College - Idaho American National University – Phoenix, Arizona, Hawaii, California

American Open University American Pacific University – Hawaii American PacWest International University – Hawaii American School of Metaphysics American States University – Honolulu, Hawaii American University – San Diego, California (the one in Washington, D.C. is accredited) American University for Humanities – Mississippi American University of Asturias – Spain American University of Hawaii – Hawaii, Mississippi, India, Republic of Georgia, Armenia, Lebanon and others American University of London – St. Kitts/Nevis, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka American West University American Western University – Arizona American World University – California, Hawaii, Iowa, Mississippi Americana University – Liberia Americus University – Washington, D.C. Ameritech University – Liberia Ames Christian University – Florida Amity University – India Amstead University – New Mexico Anacrusis Institute – Greece, United Kingdom Anderson University – California Anglo-American College of Medicine Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Medicine Anglo American University – Hawaii, California Apache University Apostolic/Prophetic Bible College & Theological Seminary – Rochester Hills, Michigan Aquinas University of Scholastic Philosophy – New York Argus University – Fairplay, Colorado Aristotle University – California Arizona Midland University Ashbourne – Great Britain Ashford University – Great Britain (not to be confused with Ashford University in Iowaformerly Franciscan University) Ashington University – Louisiana, British Virgin Islands Ashwood University Athenaeum U – Panama, United Kingdom Athens Clark University Atlanta Southern University – Atlanta, Georgia Atlantic International University – Florida, Hawaii Atlantic National University – California Atlantic Northeastern University Atlantic Southern University – Georgia Washington Atlantic University – New York (the one in Virginia is accredited) Atworth University Auberdeen University – Idaho Azaliah – New Mexico (lost accreditation in 20