KOULU Diploma Programme in Early Childhood Education

15 weeks' online studies (time requirement apr. 10 hours/week). • 18 March – 18 July 2017. Format of the studies. Blended learning facilitated by Finnish ...
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KOULU Diploma Programme in Early Childhood Education


OUTLINE OF THE PROGRAMME 4 months that consists of:  4 full days or 5 days of intensive studies (3 full days, and 2 half days)  15 weeks’ online studies (time requirement apr. 10 hours/week)  18 March – 18 July 2017

Format of the studies Blended learning facilitated by Finnish education experts comprising of:  contact lessons and seminars  virtual lessons  webinars  collaborative online work  individual tasks  peer mentoring  coaching and facilitation by teacher trainers

Objective The programme centres on three educational goals that underline the work of any Early Childhood Educator:   

Promotion of personal well-being Reinforcement of considerate behaviour and action towards others Gradual build-up of autonomy.

At the end of this programme, the participants understand the intrinsic values of ECE in underlining the value of fostering childhood. This helps the children to develop holistically as human beings.

Pedagogical Approach to Studies The pedagogical studies use an inquiry based learning approach throughout the studies. The studies are also highly based on a peer-to-peer mentoring basis. The students form peer groups to share their ideas, work jointly on projects and support each other’s personal development in the teaching profession.

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Structure of Studies

The studies are carried out in a blended learning format, which combines contact days, online studies, virtual meetings, lessons and coaching sessions. All modules start with either a contact or online interactive session, where the learning objectives are discussed and clarified. In these sessions the subject specific experts introduce the topic, related theories and practices related to the case. The core of the learning takes place at the Claned learning platform. On the platform teacher students receive multimedia materials to study and reflect upon (reading materials, presentations, videos, audiopod etc). The platform allows the participants to pinpoint any part of the materials for further discussion either on the platform or by directly contacting the expert in charge of the particular material. This enables the participants to get personal guidance faster than in traditional studies; the platform merges the best elements of reaching out to the teacher trainer to get personal guidance but being able to do so at the moment of studying without having to wait for the next contact session and thus risking a smooth advancement in the studies.

PRE-ASSIGNMENT The participants will be required to familiarise themselves with selected reading materials and answer a related questionnaire prior to training. The materials are sent to the participants 1 week before the programme begins. In addition, the participants will be asked to complete a survey measuring their pedagogical skills and familiarity with various educational approaches. This survey acts as a tool for the Finnish experts in tailoring the training contents but also serves as a reference point to later measure the impact of the training programme.

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INTRODUCTION TO THE PROGRAMME The programme begins with a 5-day intensive workshop that introduces the participants to the topics and working methods of the Diploma Programme.


Introduction to the training programme, learning objectives, working methods and tools Going through the pre-assignment via moderated discussion led by an expert The online learning environment, online working guidelines, timelines, approaches, tasks and responsibilities

Day 2:   

Key differences between tradition