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the use of marketing and PR, associated with the event. 2. Increase the number ... Geographically focussed in Northern cities, London and S.E. England ... collection of email addresses, face to face surveys and counting of visitors.. Timeframe ...
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Lakes Ignite 2016 – seeking innovative Lake District cultural projects Date: July 2015 Background Lakes Culture, a consortium of cultural attractions led by The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal together with Cumbria Tourism (the Destination Management Organisation) and local organisations is delivering one of ten national Cultural Destinations projects funded by Arts Council England. Our project ambition to develop and promote The Lake District / Cumbria as a cultural destination runs until April 2017). The programme of activity sets out to restore the place of the Lake District as the UK’s leading rural cultural destination. Building on the success of Lakes Ignite 2015, which took place during April and May this year, we are now seeking to commission new, unique work to sit alongside the existing performances, festivals and exhibitions that will take place during May 2016. The commissions and programmed events will be promoted collectively as Lakes Ignite 2016 in order to celebrate and highlight the wealth of cultural activity in the region. We will fund projects which are innovative or artistically challenging and with a significance which is regional or national and celebrate the Lake District; its people, culture and landscape. We request you outline new (or newly-sited) projects you wish to commission or existing projects which will gain greater impact or significance from additional Lakes Culture funding. Objectives: Lakes Ignite aims to: 1. Raise awareness of the Lake District as a place to experience outstanding culture, through the use of marketing and PR, associated with the event. 2. Increase the number of culturally-motivated visitors to the Lake District – attending cultural venues and events (see target audiences below) 3. Persuade existing/repeat visitors to experience more culture while they are here 4. Engage both the cultural sector and the tourism industry to encourage them to market the area as a cultural destination 5. Support the Lake District bid for World Heritage status. Format for potential funded projects:  Any artistic form will be considered – e.g. music, dance, theatre, comedy, visual art, literature, film etc. – as long as it meets our criteria (see below)  The project is funded by Arts Council/Visit England and therefore the focus is on contemporary culture and its roots/inspiration from the past and present, rather than the cultural landscape per se. Target audiences: Based on research from Visit England, Arts Council and Cumbria Tourism, we want to attract those people that are most likely to be motivated by culture in their holiday destinations:  Geographically focussed in Northern cities, London and S.E. England  Prosperous Planners (retired 60+ couples and friends)  Cultural Boomers (working 50+ couples)  Indie Gen-Xers (pre-family 30-40 somethings)  Exploring Families (families with children 8-15) Project criteria: Projects must meet the following requirements:  Must celebrate culture in the Lake District – either take place within the landscape and/or be inspired by the Lake District and its context. …/continued over

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It is desirable that the project takes place within the Lake District National Park, however projects within Cumbria but outside the National Park will be considered. The project must be new and unique. Projects can add value or an additional element to existing artistic programming or projects, but it must demonstrate genuine additionality and artistic significance. Projects must seek to appeal to at least one of our target audiences. Successful projects will be required to credit Lakes Culture and Arts Council England in all marketing and PR associated with the project. They will agree to promote their project under the Lakes Ignite 2016 branding. The projects will be seen as one element of a whole Lakes Ignite programme and must be marketed as such by the successful organisations. Failure to adhere to this may result in withdrawal of some or all of the funding. Any artists/performers that form part of the bid must