Lakeview Supply Chain Planning

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Lakeview Supply Chain Planning Material Requirements Planning (MRP) / Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)

Build a robust, responsive and transparent supply chain In today’s volatile and competitive trading environment, companies across industries face the double challenge of being both customer and demand focused, whilst remaining cost competitive. Manufacturers and distributors alike have a compelling need to create an effective and structured supply chain from forecasting demand accurately through to planning production and procurement and ultimately optimising stock levels.

Lakeview Supply Chain Planning

At the heart of setting up a successful supply chain model lies the ever so challenging Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process. Beyond having the right teams in place and robust processes, first class IT tools are critical in supporting the S&OP activities. Lakeview MRP module sits at the centre of Lakeview’s Supply Chain Solutions and is designed to enable supply chain professionals to simplify and optimise decision making.

Business challenges • Improve customer service levels • Keep inventory lean

• Increase working capital

• Effectively manage multi-stage and multilocation supply chain network • Reduce planning cycle time



Module Overview LV’s MRP leverages the full scope of your data by drawing inventory, demand, distribution, production and procurement information from other areas of the system. The routines suggest time-phased purchase and production orders that need to be placed, as well as orders that should be cancelled or re-scheduled. Incorporating DRP principles, the module can also recommend planned transfers between logical or physical warehouses.

MRP Forecasts An infinite number of forecasts can be created to cater for the variety of scenarios demanded by different types of product ranges. Product launches for instance will have a different planning cycle than repeat stock lines. This flexible approach also enables planners to easily simulate and compare plans thus allowing ‘what if’ analysis.

These suggestions produce a plan which is submitted for analysis and authorisation. Planners can then apply their skill and judgement to action all or part of the plan. MRP will then automatically generate the required orders to fulfil the plan.

In order to reflect the versatility of real-life planning cycles, a combination of time periods can be defined against each forecast. A forecast could for instance begin with weekly periods for the first three months, then monthly periods for the following six months and move to quarterly periods. Forecasts can be generated within LV’s demand forecasting module, created manually within MRP, or imported from external sources.

Figure 1 - MRP Forecast allows for user definable periods

Lakeview Supply Chain Planning



Planning Runs The Planning Runs program is designed as a powerful yet easy-to-use interactive screen. It uses data from forecasted and actual demand to present the base information that will be used to generate the plan. Planners can easily review the demand and use their knowledge to adjust it before executing the plan. Once it’s been created, the plan is presented using intuitive colour coding to highlight areas of concern and change. The screen is displayed in sections to make navigation simple and effective. For each element of suggested supply, the interface will provide a consolidated view of the parent demand, product inventory profile for the period and the resulting production / purchase suggestion.

Figure 2 - Stock Profile view within a product record

The all-in-one view of related data in a clear format provides planners with the visibility and depth of information required to instantly analyse the suggested supply, adjust it and ultimately enact it.

Figure 3 - Planning Run

Lakeview Supply Chain Planning



Key features

Business benefits

• Produce plans in minutes - not hours or days

• Improve customer service by achieving better On Time In Full (OTIF) rate through better product availability

• All-in-one real-time visibility of demand and supply so planners can see what is required, why, where and when

• Removes the need to run and maintain reports and spreadsheets outside of the system • Easily co-ordinate demand, inventory levels, lead-times and product availability variables

• Traffic light-based inventory profiling to easily capture exceptions and issues in-between planning cycles

• Free up working capital by improving the balance of service levels and inventory levels

Complementary supply chain solutions from Lakeview • Demand Forecasting • Lakeview Analytics

• Lakeview Business Alerts • Lakeview Landed Costs

• Reduce planning cycle time and complexity via increased visibility of key information • Further the use of your existing Lakeview data

For a free one-on-one demo or for more information about supply chain planning, get in touch today.

• Seamless integration with all other parts of your Lakeview solution • Easy, fast and scalable implementation

Lakeview provides you with the best of both worlds - bespoke solutions to meet the needs of your marketplace and competitive edge whilst incorporating them in our standard package. This enables you to move seamlessly forward onto new product releases and accrue benefit from our new features and technology.

Lakeview Supply Chain Planning

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