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Bongard has participated to the open days of nHL. during all the week, Marc Masera made a presentation of the Paneotrad Evo concept to the russian clients came from all over russia. dUBAï - UNITEd ARAB EMIRATES - GUlFOOd. MANUFACTURING - OCT.31-NOv.02. ANTWERP - BElGIUM - BIBAC ExHIBITION 2017.
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Interview from an owner


Europain 2018 will be Bongard’s In fact, for the first time, Bongard’s stand at Europain will be entirely dedicated to new products and features. With new aesthetics, new technologies and new products, Bongard will be resolutely futurefocussed. Presentation of new products and features gracing the Bongard stand at Europain 2018.

 New Spiral EvO: for better oxygenation of dough with less heating.

Automatic bun divider Eris A

Semi-automatic bun divider Eris SA

Changes to the Spiral EvO dough mixer range were made with the goal of guaranteeing a high and consistent quality of kneading results for its users. By increasing the internal diameter of the tank, the space between the sides and the dividing tool is increased, significantly lowering heating and stress passed on to the dough. This results in greater stability in the kneading process. A single programme may be used, irrespective of the amount of dough to be kneaded, for a high-quality end-result. Mixers in the Spiral EvO range can also be optionally fitted with a new infra-red sensor to continuously measure the surface temperature of the dough. The user will also have the possibility of setting a single maximum temperature threshold beyond which the mixer will automatically stop. This effortlessly controls the accuracy of kneading without the need to watch over the mixing machine. The new electronic control panel with which the range of mixers is equipped includes all functionalities needed for management of the mixer: programming of the kneading time at speed 1 or speed 2, possibility of reversal the rotation direction of the tank during kneading or transfer from the tank and, of course, for setting the new infrared sensor. The new “Paneotrad” operating mode has also been specially developed for programming the rest time between each kneading phase.  The new range of Eris bun-dividers: saving time and increasing ease of use

Motorized flour duster Paneodust

With the sharp upturn in the burger market, Bongard offers its very latest Eris bundivider range to very quickly and easily create buns from dough with a hydration level of up to 65%.

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Eris bun-dividers are available in semiautomatic, automatic and fully automatic versions and can output between 14 and 52 dough pieces depending on the model, with an estimated working time-saving of 50% for the user, compared with hand shaping. Also, the manual shaping operation is highly repetitive and restrictive for bakers. Once a few dozen dough pieces have been formed, bakers can quickly begin to feel tired and experience pain. The new Eris range, which is very easy to use, offers a solution to this problem. The Eris semi-automatic is operated using 3 levers which control respectively pressing, division and start-up of the automatic rolling phase. The Eris automatic enables the pressing and dividing phases to be started using buttons on the control panel. The Eris fully automatic provides that sought after working comfort, as the model is equipped with a digital interface. Once the dough piece for division has been positioned in place, the user inputs the desired pressing and dividing times, lowers the protective lid and then simply starts the operating phase.  Rhea: performance, ergonomics and design The new range of Rhea dough-sheeter is made up of 7 different models, from the most compact table-top model to the largest model equipped with a stand and cutting block, to meet the divergent needs of bakers and confectioners. Rhea dough-sheeters offer high quality rolling without any tears, at a consistent thickness, no matter what type of dough is being worked: short-cut pastry, pizza dough, quiche dough, almond dough, etc. The cutting block with which the largest


new products trade fair. model is equipped enables the dough to be cleanly cut, with no sticking at all. Particular attention has obviously been given to ergonomics for use and ease of cleaning of Rhea machines. Accordingly, the dough-sheeter are equipped with special easy pass rollers located at the two ends of the shelf that assist with insertion of the dough piece without damaging it and without the need to manually lift the shelf. Stand-based models are also fitted as standard with a double “hand and foot” operated control panel and a flour collecting bin under the cutting block. Finally its uncompromisingly modern aesthetic in black and stainless steel make a perfect addition to the bakery!  New Paneodust motorised flour duster: still keep one step ahead Whilst the mechanical flour dusting solution largely overcomes the problems of irregular dusting and the unwanted billowing of flour into the air that manual flouring creates, there is still room for improvement of its operating ergonomics. In these specific areas, Paneodust will delight Paneotrad users. Paneodust’s motorised flour duster has a simple and sturdy design. The user places the tray at the entrance of the duster to begin dusting. When the tray reaches the stop, dusting is complete. Paneodust therefore delivers just the right amount of flour across the surface of the tray, to prevent any sticking of the dough piece in the Paneotrad. Since the sifter is movable, cleaning of the flour bin is child’s play. The concept of just the right amount of flour is not a minor one when the Paneotrad solution is compared with a working process that uses a hydraulic divider. Indeed, because the Paneodust is placed on a flat surface any surplus flour is easily recuperated. By contrast, on a dividing machine, a lot of flour still spills onto the floor. When

one thinks that 2 kg of flour is wasted per day, the loss of earnings for bakers can be converted into approximately 3,000 traditional baguettes every year.

Dough sheeter Rhea

 Boreal: a new range of conservation units Bongard presents Boreal, its totally new range of conservation units: Boreal cold and freezing units are specially designed for the conservation of raw materials. The Boreal Paneotrad is, for its part, more specifically designed for the storage of chilled dough. It includes 145 unit models meeting the divergent needs of customers in terms of basket storage capacity and unit layout. The Boreal Paneotrad range is equipped with dual flow technology which is particularly suitable for optimal conservation of chilled dough. This mechanism creates a gentle, natural air flow that ensures a constant balance between the relative humidity within the unit and a totally uniform temperature, thereby completely eliminating the risk of drying out of dough pieces. The Boreal units are also unique in terms of the robust nature of the materials used to make the baskets. These are in fact tailormade in our factories and are much more efficient in terms of shock and scratchresistance in comparison with market standards.  Orion EvO, a new generation of Bongard electric hearth furnaces Bongard will be presenting an exclusive at its Europain stand, the very latest addition to its electric hearth furnaces range: Orion EvO. Orion EvO continues the advances made by Bongard over a number of years with an oven that is even more efficient, at the cutting edge in terms of technology with the new capacitive touch screen control panel, and that innovates with its new door design (patent pending). Primarily, Bongard has adapted to changes in bakers’ practices, which quite naturally seek increasing productivity gains. To produce more bread in less time using a smaller baking surface area.

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New spiral mixer range Spiral EvO

The company has risen to the challenge by studying this issue in depth. The result is the Orion EvO oven range that has been entirely resized in terms of its baking capacity whilst still being adaptable to user’s actual requirements. The new Intuitiv 2 touch-screen control panel that will be fitted on the Orion EvO range will surprise users. Simple and quick, with new tools available, always with the same goal of helping bakers to run their bakeries smoothly. Changes in terms of working comfort for bakers have also been focussed on: cleaning operations and insertion and removal from the oven have all been improved upon, which will delight users. On the design front, Bongard has set stainless steel against black glass, making the Orion EvO an elegant oven, with pared down, clean lines. Come and visit our completely new Bongard bakery at Europain from 3 to 6 February 2018, Hall 6, Alley C, Stands 114 and 120.

interview "For me, each Paneotrad® meeting is an opportunity to share experiences" Mickaël Adriaenssens trained in baking and pastry in France, and worked for several years in artisan bakeries and large retail shops before leaving for the Antilles in 2007. He joined the team of a renowned business in Guadeloupe, in Jarry: the Gahagnon bakery, where he became head baker, and then director of the two shops. In 2013 he joined the Grands Moulins des Caraïbes (GMC) flour mill as a baker/demonstrator. •What attracted you to Paneotrad®? "As soon as I saw it in 2012 at the Europain trade show I was won over by the quality of the bread, its flavourful wellaerated crumb and how well it kept. As far as the machine functionality is concerned, I was impressed by its speed, the work organisation, the time saved and the variety of shapes you can get using the cutting dies. In addition, with Paneotrad®, you produce and bake according to your needs. Today's clients like to be able to buy hot bread at any time of day." •How did you learn to work with Paneotrad®? "I was trained both in France and in the Antilles. In France I worked with an artisan baker in Roquebaron in the Var department who makes bread using Paneotrad®. In the Antilles, I was lucky enough to have Gérard Minard as a teacher who came at the request of JMG Equipment, a Bongard distributor in the sector, about a year ago to teach me to perfect the techniques and recipes, share tips, and identify the areas requiring special attention. GMC owns two experimentation centres (Guadeloupe and Martinique). Along with other types of equipment, the bakehouses there are fitted out with Paneotrad®, which allows me to practice and test recipes using our flours and put on demonstrations for customers." •How do artisan bakers become familiar with Paneotrad®? "As you know, Paneotrad® is first and foremost a piece of equipment that allows bakers to streamline and simplify production while improving the quality of the finished product. There is nothing complicated about the machine in itself, and artisan bakers don't have any trouble using it! However, Paneotrad® doesn't replace the baker, whose role is still of vital importance. The first proofing time and the kneading temperatures must by rigorously respected if you want to obtain perfect results during baking.

Paneotrad® does not tolerate approximations. It's not the machine that is difficult, it's the fabrication process that has changed. Paneotrad® is another milestone in the advancement of baking that marks a clear shift towards high-end products. And it would be a shame not to move in that direction, considering the impact on turnover. All of the artisan bakers who have switched to Paneotrad® in the Antilles and in Guiana have seen their sales grow by 15 to 20% on average with no additional staff costs, which ensures greater profitability." •How is Paneotrad® seen by a population with a reputation for liking white bread? "Traditionally in the Antilles, bread is long in shape and the dough is enriched with lard. The products available in bakeries have been changing over the past few years due to the influence of France and of tourism, which has altered people’s mentalities. Moreover, bakers are increasingly allowing customers to taste their products in order to introduce them to new tastes and different flavour pairings. For the catering business, Paneotrad® provides a very high-quality, flavourful bread that is practical to work with. It's important because we eat a lot more sandwiches here than in France!" •In conclusion? "I love the Paneotrad® activities and meetings; we share our techniques, the different ways of using the machine, we develop our recipes, and that creates a real community of professionals who are passionate about what they do. I'm proud to be a part of that!"

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past events stuttgart - germany - südback - sept.23-26

Nizhniy novgorod - russia - nhl open days - dec.4-8 Bongard has participated to Südback exhibition in september. Thanks to our demonstrator Denis Rebholtz, who made lot of different products, the visitors had the opportunity to discover the new Paneotrad EvO.

Bongard has participated to the open days of NHL. During all the week, Marc Masera made a presentation of the Paneotrad EvO concept to the russian clients came from all over Russia.

Stockholm - sweden - sveriges bageri & konditorimässa - sept.22-24

Bongard and his dealer, panea, were present at the Stockholm tradeshow. Our demonstrator, Marc Masera, and his colleagues proposed products made with Paneotrad EvO and baked modular deck oven Soleo.

dubaï - United Arab Emirates - gulfood manufacturing - oct.31-nov.02

Bongard and his local dealer PPTG were present at Dubaï Gulfood Manufacturing Tradeshow. This exhibition gave the opportunity to meet our customers and potential future agents for the Middle East and East Africa.

antwerp - belgium - bibac exhibition 2017 Bongard would like to thank its local dealer Verbeke Bakkerijmachines for the organization of the BIBAC EVENT wich was held in Anvers, Belgium. bongard news - december 2017 - page 5

events calendar paris - france europain - 02.3-6 Bongard and his dealers will display equipments at Europain, Paris, from february 3rd to 6th. Visit us on Stand 6C114.

Gorinchem - the netherlands BAKKERSVAK - 03.4-5 Everbake and Bongard will be present at Bakkersvak, Gorinchem, from March 4th to 5th. Visit us on Stand F126.

moscow - russia - modern bakery 03.12-15 NHL and Bongard will be at Modern Bakery, Moscow, from March 12th to 15th to present the Paneotrad concept.

FECO CORP and Bongard will be at Taipei Int'l Bakery Show, Tapei, taiwan, from March 15th to 18th to present the modular deck oven Soleo and Paneotrad.

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3-6 february 2018 / paris-nord villepinte france

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