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In this course you will be given proven ways to enhance your leadership skills ... Pamela Stambaugh, MBA. For 29 years ... Pamela's U.S. client list includes GE ...
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Session Addresses: • Retaining—avoiding loss of —your key team members • Raising performance—even in strong performing teams • The elephants in the room, including trust

Friday July 10, 2015 or Friday October 30, 2015 Bistro West in Carlsbad, CA 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Price includes pre and post-team assessments* as well as the Harrison AssessmentTM for you and the Leadership Impact SurveyTM for your team. Investment: $1995 !

Produce Unprecedented Team Results As a leader in today’s marketplace, you’re vulnerable to losing your key and best team members due to many choices in the current job market. And, it is well known that people leave people, they don’t leave organizations.

Course Leader: Pamela Stambaugh, MBA For 29 years, Pamela has provided feedback to over 2,500 executives as a coach and team-building facilitator, including previously as a Vistage chair. Pamela’s U.S. client list includes GE Healthcare, New York Medical Center, CBIZ, Hallmark Cards, McKesson Specialty Health, Magma — Mission Technology Group, Inc., Vital Therapies, Posiba and many more.

In this course you will be given proven ways to enhance your leadership skills, garner unprecedented results from an aligned, cohesive team and lower the risk of people leaving the team.

Your intact team of 5 or more people will participate in a pretest and a post-test regarding the team’s alignment and the Leadership Impact Survey™. You’ll gain benchmark data on your team’s performance AS A TEAM and a better understanding of your own behavioral preferences, plus feedback about you as a manager to improve your metrics.

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