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Crafting with Children: The Do's and Don'ts. Steffi Stern, The Makerss ...... 'beads', threading and completing your necklace. Come and start an exciting and unusual new hobby! Don't worry if you are a complete beginner as Kath will teach you all the skills ...... how to fix the bag so that it is sturdy and firm and can carry a ...
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Alexandra Palace, London 11th – 15th October 2017

The definitive event for anyone with a love of textile based crafts. Supplies, workshops and textile art. www.theknittingandstitchingshow.com 0844 581 1319 (+44 (0) 121 796 6165 from outside the UK)

Learning Curve Workshops & talks and discussions Timetable and Descriptions

More than 220 classes and talks, catering for all levels of ability.

Image: Monoprint by Amy Twigger Holroyd, www.keepandshare.co.uk

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PLUS a dedicated Dressmaking Studio


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Get to Know your Sewing Machine Creating Texture with Fabrics Lovely Lampshades Needle Felt into Fabric: Creative Bird Brooch Making Rag Wreaths from your Stash of Scrap Fabric Knitting with Wire and Beads: Necklace Needle Felted Mice with Posable Wire Armature Tapestry Crochet Lavender Heart Sachet Fantasy Felt Flower Essential Dressmaking Techniques Draft a Skirt using Personal Measurements The Reknit Revolution Fun with Applique Knit Using the Magic Loop: 2 Socks at Once Japanese Embroidery Introduction to Appliqué, ‘Ladybird on a Leaf’ Simple Wool Dragonflies Create a Wirework & Hand Stitched Felt Brooch Coiled Pots by Machine Crochet Snowflakes Make your Own Piece of Fish Leather Successful Machine Sewing with Knits Make a Roman Blind (sample size) Lapped Zip Masterclass Lucet Cord Making: A Passion Flower Card with Kantha Stitch Broomstick Lace Crochet From Page to Thread Uniquely Styled Covered Notebooks Free Standing Blackberry Branch Embroidery Fabulous Flowers Wire Weaving Make a Pretty Chiffon Top Upcycled Jeans: Scallop Patchwork Tablemat Get to Grips with Ten Favourite Feet Tambour for Beginners: Couture Beaded Embroidery Rag Rugging for Beginners Get to Grips with Cable Knitting: Use it Creatively Funky Felt Beads Crafting with Children: The Do's and Don'ts Butterfly Loom Panels Beaded Bracelet in Dutch Spiral Double your Fun with Twin Needles Free Machine Embroidery Landscapes Textiles by Numbers: Creativity in Schools C2C Corner to Corner Crochet Motif Needle Felt a Baby Badger Kantha Stitched Dandelion Mini Chalk Notice Board Dip Dye a Silky Scarf Accordion Purse

Jenni McGill, It's Sew Simple Sue Cotten Terry Harper Naomi Beevers Lorraine Reed-Wenman Susan Burns Sophie Buckley, The Makerss Samantha Sabido, Re-made by Sam Carole Waddle Claire Tyler Katya Essery, Sew Pretty Amy Twigger Holroyd Jenni McGill, It's Sew Simple Molly Brown Midori Matsushima Royal School of Needlework Sophie Buckley, The Makerss Laura Guida Sue Cotten Samantha Sabido, Re-made by Sam Adrine Pool, The Netherlands Claire Tyler Katya Essery, Sew Pretty Jenni McGill, It's Sew Simple Ziggy Rytka Angela Daymond, Fenland Textiles Diana Bensted Elisabeth Rutt Terry Harper Kay Dennis Emma Fairall Janice Croft Molly Brown Claire Tyler Sylvia Fairhurst Elspeth Jackson Monica Russel, Knit Knaks Meg Chater Steffi Stern, The Makerss Sue Cotten Beadworkers Guild Katya Essery, Sew Pretty Wendy Dolan Haf Weighton Diana Bensted Fi Oberon Angela Daymond, Fenland Textiles Terry Harper Janice Croft

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