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Apr 21, 2016 - Liam Costello; Olney Ward Councillors (ARCHIVED, speak to WF). Cc: ... This email and any attachments hereto are strictly confidential and ...
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Robinson, Jonathan <[email protected]> 21 April 2016 15:50 Liam Costello; Olney Ward Councillors (ARCHIVED, speak to WF) Lycett, Catherine 16/00312/FUL - 90 East Street, Olney - Section 106 requirements Section 106 Requirements for 14.02060.OUT.docx

Dear Liam and Ward Members, We have received this application for 14 dwellings in Olney. The postcode for the site is MK46 4DH. The proposal is for a development of 4 x 2 beds, 6 x 3 beds and 4 x 4/5 bed dwellings. I would be grateful for your assistance in confirming the relevant and reasonable obligations required in order to mitigate the impact of this development. As we have had a number of recent applications in Olney, I have attached a recent s106 justification document that has been prepared for a previous scheme. Can you please provide any comments on whether this remains appropriate for the above scheme as we could re-use this information if the position remains unchanged. If the position has changed, please only request a contribution in line with the SPD/G calculations below if you can provide justification for the need as a result of this development and why it is required to ensure the impact of this development is mitigated. All s106 requirements must be compliant with the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations. Any requests must be CIL regulation 122 compliant, which means it must be have regard to the following statutory tests: “A planning obligation may only constitute a reason for granting planning permission for the development if the obligation is— (a) necessary to make the development acceptable in planning terms; (b) directly related to the development; and (c) fairly and reasonably related in scale and kind to the development.” Can you please provide comments on this development and whether you support the contributions sought, and whether are aware of local projects that will need to be funded to mitigate time impact of this development. If you consider further contributions are also required, can you please provide me with the details of each contribution/request and how these are required as a result of this development and make the development acceptable in planning terms, but mitigating the impact of the scheme. From the 6th April 2015, when assessing whether any s106 contribution the local authority is required under the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations to ensure that we have not entered into 5 other s106 obligations for the same project or type of infrastructure since April 2010. Therefore, any contribution sought must not exceed the pooling restriction. I will assess this once I have received your comments as we have been dealing with a number of proposals in Olney recently and discuss any pooling implications as necessary. The following sets out the contributions the Council has calculated in accordance with the adopted SPD/Gs: Education Total Early Years Primary pupils Secondary pupils Post 16 pupils

Contribution £9,918.36 £49,008.39 £52,747.46 £11,441.14

Leisure Recreation & Sports


Maintenance 1

Playing Fields Local Play Neighbourhood Play Community Hall Local Parks District Parks Swimming Pool Allotments Sports Hall

£8,194.92 £12,266.10 £11,682.00 £3,616.44 £1,557.60 £3,115.20 n/a £1,460.25 £0.00

Social Infrastructure Library Adult Continuing Education Crematorium/Burial Grounds Museums and Archives Health Facilities Waste Management Waste Receptacles Social Care - Day Care Social Care - Older Persons Housing Emergency Services Voluntary Sector Milton Keynes University Milton Keynes College Inward Investment Public Art - 1%

Contribution £3,855.06 £1,830.18 £1,557.60 £2,725.80 £26,673.90 £4,400.22 £1,400.00 £934.56 £5,724.18 £856.68 £3,232.02 £12,305.04 £4,361.28 £3,232.02 £13,120.00

£7,009.20 £8,722.56 £14,952.96 n/a £2,258.52 £4,517.04 n/a n/a n/a

Please provide any comments you may have