policies, service programs, and collections; participates in strategic planning and ... Plans, organizes, and evaluates effectiveness of virtual/online information.
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LIBRARY PROGRAM COORDINATOR (LIBRARIAN) DIGITAL INFORMATON SERVICES / IT SUPPORT NEW 11 20 15 NATURE OF WORK This is a supervisory professional position at the Marion Public Library. The employee manages a division of the library under the direction and supervision of the Library Director. The employee assists the library’s diverse patron population, both in person and through performing specialized library functions. The employee serves as a member of the management team that develops library policies, service programs, and collections; participates in strategic planning and problem solving, marketing and outreach activities, space utilization planning and display of library materials FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT CLASSIFICATION In accordance with Federal Fair Labor Standards Act requirements, this position is a learned professional position and has been classified as exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. This position is not a paid overtime position per City of Marion and Marion Public Library policies. EXAMPLES OF WORK PERFORMED Virtual Services Management     

Plans, organizes, and evaluates effectiveness of virtual/online information resources and services – maintains library website as 24/7 virtual branch Manages and evaluates library website technology and usability; manages website vendor relations, including host and domain vendors Assists other staff with updating website sections Coordinates selection, purchase, setup, and maintenance of new database/online services, including working with the vendor to set up authentication and working with other staff to promote new services Coordinates patron education on use of database/online services; organizes and provides IT device use instruction

IT Support   

Coordinate with Cedar Rapids Public Library on management/maintenance of public internet stations and network, including imaging and DeepFreeze Manages Envisionware software and vendor relations; including RFID, updates Troubleshoot individual public and staff IT hardware

    

Troubleshoot individual and staff IT software Routinely update public checkout laptops (Windows, Java, Flash, etc.). Update OPACs and self-check stations as necessary Purchase and prepare new computers for staff using imaging software with assistance from city IT Coordinate purchase and installation of software for staff computers, including updates Maintain PCI Compliance, including coordinating yearly staff training and monthly equipment inspections

City IT Liaison   

Attend IT liaison meetings, serve as information point for staff Maintain IT asset inventory for hardware and software (licenses) Coordinate with Marco managed IT service on phone and staff computer troubleshooting, adding new user accounts, etc.

Other Responsibilities      

Train, supervise, and evaluate division staff Conduct library tours Attend and participate in library staff meetings and training sessions Participate in professional organizations and continuing education activities Work at public service desks Supervision of the library when the Library Director and the Assistant Library Director are not present

Daily work may include some clerical and paraprofessional tasks including but not limited to general circulation duties and minor maintenance. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, ABILITIES AND SKILLS         

Knowledge of online and digital information resources Website management experience, including familiarity with content management systems (like Drupal or WordPress) Familiarity with public library computer networking, including client-server-ILSreservation-printing interfaces, preferably Envisionware Experience with an integrated library system, preferably Sirsi-Dynix Workflows Excellent overall computer skills (Windows, Microsoft Office applications) Familiarity with mobile devices and library-specific apps (Overdrive, Zinio, etc.) High comfort level with learning and implementing new technology Abi