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Aug 5, 2015 - iPads and Chromebooks. I am honored to be named Superintendent of Lindop Elementary School District 92, and I am personally resolute to ...
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  August  5,  2015 Parents/Guardians Welcome  to  the  2015-­‐2016  school  year!    This  year  will  be  our  most  memorable  for  several  reasons.    We   will  be  politely   relentless  in  our  efforts  to  raise  test  scores,  decrease  behavioral  incidents,  and  continue   what   has   become   our   legacy   of   excellence.    The   first   day   of   school   is   Wednesday,   August   19,   2015,   beginning   with   our   traditional   back   to   school   parade,   where   we   will   feature   the   “Jesse   White   Tumblers.”    Our   one-­‐to-­‐one   learning   opportunities   for   our   children   will   continue   through   the   utilization   of   iPads  and  Chromebooks. I  am  honored  to  be  named  Superintendent  of  Lindop  Elementary  School  District  92,  and  I  am  personally   resolute  to  lead  the  district  to  a  new  level  of  success,  which  is  enveloped  in  unlimited  opportunities  and   unlimited  potential.    We  will  absolutely  meet  our  goals  because  of  the  proven  dedication  and  commitment   from  our  Board  of  Education,  the  school  leadership  including  teachers,  administration,  staff,  parents,  and   the  community.    Additionally,  we  have  the  promise  and  support  of  our  Board  of  Education  to  provide  the   resources  necessary  to  reach  our  goals  of  making  our  children  the  overarching  priority,  while  continuing  to   be   fiscally   responsible.    During   my   25+   year   journey   in   education,   I   have   been   able   to   touch   many   lives,   and  in  return  have  my  life  enriched  by  some  amazing  people  inclusive  of  all  of  the  bumps,  bruises,  and  life   lessons.    In  short,  I  have  a  beautiful  and  brilliant  daughter,  recently  lost  both  parents,  and  have  had  the   opportunity   to   work   with   people   who   are   passionate   about   educating   children.    During   my   tenure   in   education,   I   have   served   in   the   following   positions:   training   coordinator,   teacher,   adjunct   instructor,   training  consultant,  assistant  principal,  dean,  principal,  director  of  curriculum  and  technology,  director  of   personnel   and   human   resources,   and   finally   superintendent   of   schools.   I   am   privileged   and   blessed   to   work  with  a  team  that  is  aware  of  the  magnitude  of  this  endeavor,  the  impact  of  reaching  our  collective   goals,   and   its   effect   on   future   generations.    We   realize   that   "it   is   our   reasonable   duty   to   educate   All   children,  acting  as  though  it  were  impossible  to  fail,  and  realizing  that  Good  Enough,  Never  Is."   Please  reference  important  dates  below: Registration:   Wednesday,   August   5th,   9:00   a.m.   until   4:00   p.m.   (FREE   Loyola   Mobile   Clinic   on   site   for   physicals,  12:00  p.m.  until  4:00  p.m.)   and   Thursday,  August  6th,  10:00  a.m.  until  8:00  p.m.   (FREE  Loyola   Mobile  Clinic  on  site  for  physicals,  10:00  a.m.  until  2:00  p.m.)  [refer  to  website  for  updated  information] First   day   of   school   and   Back   to   School   Parade   is   Wednesday,   August   19th,   beginning   at   8:25   a.m.   The   Back  to  School  Parade  will  be  from  9:00  a.m.  until  10:00  a.m.  There  will  be  early  dismissal  is  1:30  p.m.   Back  to  school  barbecue  is  Saturday,  August  22nd,  from  10:00  a.m.  until  1:00  p.m.   I  look  forward  to  a  productive  school  year,  and  I  can’t  wait  to  meet  you  all  during  our  beginning  of  the  year   festivities.    Thank  you  for  allowing  me  to  serve  you  and  our  children. Dr.  Janiece  Jackson