Little Sun 2017

solar lamp gives them one more hour every night to study) and the displaced people living off-grid in ..... the Africa Energy Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Little Sun 2017 | A Year in Pictures

We are all #ConnectedByTheSun

Dear Friends of Little Sun, While there is much to be concerned about today, there is also hope: for instance, thanks to recent innovations, solar power is becoming cheaper all the time, and this helps Little Sun spread clean and affordable energy to areas of the world without access to power. This year we celebrated our five-year anniversary with the launch of our latest solar lamp, the Little Sun Diamond. I introduced it in Cape Town at Design Indaba in March, and it has been available online since September, at It comes with a stand and will add a sparkle to many people’s lives. 2017 has been a year of renewal: we looked closely at our goal and on World Humanitarian Day, 19 August, established the Little Sun Foundation. We are expanding our approach to reach more of the 1.1 billion people without energy access. The foundation’s mission is to bring clean energy to school children to support their education (a solar lamp gives them one more hour every night to study) and the displaced people living off-grid in refugee camps all over the world. You can support the Little Sun Foundation at In November, on the eve of COP23, Little Sun joined forces with a stellar collection of artists, musicians, and activists in New York at Pathway to Paris to urge policymakers and political leaders to join the fight for climate action. During the concert, I worked together with the audience of 2,800 people to create a collective work of art, a solarpowered sunrise: Together we can achieve climate justice and energy access for all – the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal number 7. As an artist, I believe in our collective power to co-produce reality, to turn thinking into doing, hope into action, and to change the world. Olafur Eliasson Founder of Little Sun

Photo: Maria del Pilar Garcia Ayensa / Studio Olafur Eliasson

Our impact to date

Little Sun’s

Global impact*

661,578 Little Sun lamps sold worldwide

377,637 Little Sun lamps sold off-grid


134,572 tonnes CO2 emissions reduced

* from all Little Sun Originals distributed in off-grid areas since 2012. Based on GOGLA, Standardised Impact Metrics for the Off-grid Energy Sector, version 1.0, 2015.

lives changed off-grid

$ 35,531,865 Savings on energy related expenses in off grid households, aggregated


2017 | A Year in Pictures

Little Sun

African entrepeneurs joined




Thank you for joining us on another trip

We worked with some brilliant

around the luminous sun that we all share.

partners to bring Little Sun light,

We created this Year in Pictures to highlight

energy and educational programs

some of our favorite moments from our

about sustainability to a variety of

adventures in 2017. You can browse these

countries such as Ethiopia, South

moments month by month, as well as by

Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, Morocco,

the themes that fuel the heart of Little Sun.

Germany and Qatar.

Art & Culture


This year prompted the creation of our

Little Sun made its way to glimmering

vision film, which highlighted just how

New York City where we participated in

everyone stays #ConnectedByTheSun.

the Pathway to Paris concert, where Olafur

Olafur also joined an amazing jury

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