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Oct 18, 2011 - Instruments: long and complicated procedure, ambiguous .... ▫MRV system: data collection, data verification, data processing. ▫ETS policies ...
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Clim ate Change: P olicy and I nstrum ent

Xuedu LU 吕学都 October 18, 2011 Haerbin, PRC


UN Climate Change Policies and Instruments

National Climate Change Policies and Instruments

Issues and solutions

ADB efforts on addressing climate change

Perspectives on Emission Trading in China

UN Climate Change Policies and Instruments

 

Policies: UNFCCC, KP, Decisions by COP/CMP Ultimate policy objectives: stabilizing GHG level in atmosphere Instruments: technology research, transfer and deployment, financial support, capacity building, carbon markets (AIJ, CDM, JI and ET)

National Climate Change Policies and Instruments 

National Climate Change strategies, actions plans, … many. Policy objectives: to help achieve UNFCCC goals, and help achieve sustainable development Instruments: administrative demand/code, subsidy, and market instruments (carbon tax, carbon trade)

Issues and solutions

UN: 

Policy uncertainty and short timeframe

Solution: setting up long term and stable policies 

Instruments: long and complicated procedure, ambiguous requirements, UN exemption and privilege policies lead to abusing power of UN decision making. Solutions: based on practical experience to reform UN body in charge of operation, like EB,

Issues and solutions Nations: 

Policy uncertainty: in many countries because of ruling party change

Solution: setting up long term and stable policies by law 

Instruments: low/lack of capacity and capability to implement policies in developing countries. Solutions: capacity building through piloting and testing

ADB Climate Change Strategy Five Priorities for Actions Modalities Finance




Scaling-up Clean Energy Encouraging Sustainable Transport and Urban Development Managing Land Use and Forests for Carbon Sequestration Promoting Climate-resilient Development Strengthening Policies, Governance and Capacity

Annual Clean Energy Investments


Total Annual Financing to Clean Energy Projects/Components ($ million)
















Above $1 Billion

2013 onwards

Above $2 Billion

Strengthening Policies, Governance, and Capacity

 PRC: Carbon Capture and Sequestration Strategic Analysis and Capacity Strengthening  BHU: Capacity Building of the National Environment Commission in Climate Change  NEP: Strengthening Capacity for Managing Climate Change and the Environment  Pacific: Strengthening the Capacity of Pacific developing member countries to respond to climate change  SRI: Strengthening Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation

Financing: Concessional Resources  ADB’s Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility (CEFPF)  Pledges: approx. $103m; target $250m  ADB’s Climate Change Fund (CCF): for innovation/incubation  $40m (depleted) + $10m new replenishment; open for contributions  MDBs’ Climate Investment Funds (ADB as implementing agency)  Pledges: $6.1B  Global Environment Facility (ADB as executing agency)  About $2b for climate change under GEF-5 ($1.4b for mitigation from the GEF Trust Fund and an estimated $600m for adaptation from the LDCF/SCCF).  Asia Accelerated Solar Development Fund (AASDF)  To be launched soon for rapidly enlarging the solar energy market, target $500 million

Carbon Market Program of