Aug 1, 2016 - memorabilia. 4:30pm, Meeting with Dima Kroytor ... At the end of the meeting with Kroytor,. Yossi ... At night the children got their first taste of the.
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TheEqualizer August 2016


Photo Diary

PREFACE In the beginning of August 2016, a delegation from The Equalizer left for Brazil. The delegation was invited by the Sao Paulo Jewish Community, the Jewish Federation, and the Brazilian Football Association for a trip of football games, museum and stadium tours, past and present local football players, a visit to the Rio Olympics, and more. 22 delegates were chosen from four schools in the Jerusalem region – two of which are Jewish schools and two of which are Arabs from East Jerusalem. The children chosen were those who excelled in the recent school year – in terms of behavior and discipline, but also in terms of devotion, perseverance and proven improvement in various areas. The children were accompanied by staff – coaches and teachers. During the two weeks the delegation was far from home, the children and accompanying staff had unforgettable experiences, beyond their dreams. Some of the itinerary was planned, and some, like witnessing the Israeli judo competitor win a medal and meeting Olympic athletes and more, were unknown prior to leaving Israel. We wanted to share with you some of this incredible experience, and decided that there is no better way than a collection of amazing photos taken by the journalist and photographer volunteering with The Equalizer, Aviv Havron, who joined the delegation. The full albums will be on our Facebook page, so keep following us. Enjoy!

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Photo Diary Day 1 – August 4th, South Africa

3am, Still in the Air We have yet to land, but the children are already having an amazing experience – a visit to the El Al cockpit during the night flight. The pilots explained the many buttons and controls in the cockpit and heard about the delegation and The Equalizer. Yossi and Ilai presented them with a commemorative flag of the delegation.

8am, South Africa En route to Brazil the delegation stopped in South Africa. The children went on a tour in Johannesburg during the 10-hour layover. The tour started at the national stadium which hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final. At the stadium, the delegates visited a small museum, with an exhibit describing the tournament.

1pm, South Africa Still in Africa. During the city tour, the delegates learned about the struggle against the former apartheid regime. The students visited Freedom Square, memorials, and the late Nelson Mandela's house and learned about his important legacy.

Photo Diary Days 2 & 3 – August 5th-6th, Sao Paulo

9am, Football Museum

As in South Africa, the first tour in Sao Paulo was football-related, in the football museum adjacent to the municipal stadium. The children learned about the Brazilian football history, saw a beautiful exhibit about the Brazilian teams in different World Cups, and also visited the old municipal stadium.

Saturday morning, August 6th, Maccabi Center, Sao Paulo On Saturday morning, the delegation arrived at the Maccabi Sport Center of the Jewish community in Sao Paulo, where the children finally had a chance to play football. They had football practice with the local players followed by a practice game.

Photo Diary Day 3 – August 6th, Sao Paulo

2pm, Jewish Community On Shabbat afternoon, the delegation visited the Hebraica club of the Jewish community, where various sport activities take place and youth movements of the community meet. The youth movements organized a joint activity with the delegates, all were very pleased and exchanged memorabilia.

4:30pm, Meeting with Dima Kroytor At the Hebraica sport center, many Olympic athletes practiced, including Israeli athletes who wanted a bit of quiet and a homey atmosphere, prior to traveling to Rio for their competition. One of them was the Israeli high jumper, Dmitry Kroytor, who graciously gave of his time before a training to talk with the students and respond to their questions, and they wished him l