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TheEqualizer May 2016


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During the semi-final cup in Haifa, there was an animated banner with the words: "Football is more than a game, The Equalizer – Education on Top". When the camera caught Yossi Benayoun, a top Israeli football player, crying from the victory at the end of the game and proving that football is really more than a game, it was right in front of The Equalizer's banner. The banner:

We Thank our Partners

Stories from the Field UK Ambassador David Quarrey and Tel Aviv football player, Ramzi Safouri, who told the students: "I am where I am due to my hard work and perseverance. You too should be diligent and persevere, both in football but most importantly – in school."

In the study center at the Shalva school in Haifa, while learning geography, the children were given a special task to do in groups - to choose a continent, and then a country, and then a leading football team which they needed to present about to their class. In the picture is the group which chose Germany and presented about the local champions, Bayern Munich.

In the Amirim Tali school's study center in Beersheva, the team commemorated Yom Hasho'a (Holocaust Memorial Day) through an activity focused on the chain of events that led to the Holocaust of the Jewish nation. The students expressed great interest in the explanations presented to them, and they displayed vast knowledge of many historical details. In

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‫ تعادل שער שוויון‬The Equalizer

Volunteer staff Event

The Equalizer ran an event for its volunteer staff (coaches, tutors, logistical operators) for the first time on May 1st, 2016. The staff came from all over the country, from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Mitzpe Ramon in the south, in order to join this exciting event, which included a regional tournament, dinner, a welcome from the management, and a comedy performance. Following are pictures from the event, in an attempt to convey the emotions of the evening, since even 1,000 words wouldn't do it justice.

Negev and the Sharon regions

The finals – Western and Upper Galilee

Amakim and Heart of Galilee regions

The management gear up for a game

One of the four stand-up comedians Modi Bar-On congratulating the participants

Volunteer of the Week Anat Beini. A study center tutor at the innovative school in Daliat el Carmel. Anat is a law student at the Carmel Academic Center and as part of our partnership with her institute, she decided to volunteer with The Equalizer this year. When she was offered possible locations to volunteer in her village, Anat didn't think twice before choosing the innovative school where her daughter is in 3rd grade. Anat succeeds at integrating her studies, work, and parenting while never missing one session of the learning center, and she is doing wonderful work with the team.

Eran Greenberg. Coach, Ba'al Shem Tov School, Tel Aviv. One of our veteran volunteers. Over the last few years, Eran has really bonded with the children and the community. Eran told us: "I came to The Equalizer through a friend who was active in the organization and recommended I join. In the beginning, I wasn't really sure what to expect, how to act with the kids, and what I want them to get from me. Then, slowly I understood the direction in which I wanted to guide them. This experience has developed my communication abilities, the ability to teach that it isn't easy at all. I was thrilled to see that what I speak about with the kids during practices, both professionally and educationally, are sinking in. The kids I work with are now a part of me, in my heart. Our relationship is real - something which I think is really important for these kids. The Equalizer is an amazing program!"