Dec 1, 2016 - for the Neta'im School in Beersheva through the BR Ambassadors scholarship. Or said “I volunteer with The Equalizer mainly because.
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TheEqualizer December 2016


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This photo was taken in Kiryat Shmona at the first tournament of the year for the Upper Galilee Region with teams from Katzrin, Majdal Shams, Eilabun, Yesod Hama’aleh, Gush Chalav, Kfar Blum and, of course, Kiryat Shmona. It was featured on The Equalizer’s Instagram and Facebook.

We Thank Our Partners

Stories from the Field Before the football practice begins for the new team of the Tali Moriah School in Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood, the coach, Guy, a Hapoel Jerusalem player, speaks with the participants to check on their welfare.

Our beginning-of-the-year questionnaire to evaluate our program is being distributed to all our students. The principal of the Faruk School in Faradeis helped her students to complete the questions. This evaluation is being carried out thanks to the generosity of City Without Violence.

This year, Dimona was our first tournament of the year for the Eastern Negev Region - which was also the first tournament of our entire program for 20162017! The tournament opened with a festive kick off by the mayor, Benny Biton, who helps the program tremendously in his city. In


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‫ تعادل שער שוויון‬The Equalizer

Stories from the Field This year, Mitzpe Ramon began its activities for 7th-8th graders in Hashalom Middle School. The first meeting was a procedures, rules, and setting expectations discussion with the coach, Eli, who also serves as the local council’s sports coordinator.

One of the new teams in the Heart of the Galilee Region is the Gimmel Elementary School from the Arab town Tu'ran. The team, in partnership with City without Violence and UJIA, is honored to practice in the town's largest football pitch.

As part of a parents and children meeting at the Rambam School in Kiryat Shmona, the parents learned more about the program and what their children will experience during the year, followed by a special activity where the parents and children drafted a contract to set expectations between them and The Equalizer. Then, everyone read their document to the rest of the team. In picture: Opening Tournament Invitation

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‫ تعادل שער שוויון‬The Equalizer

Volunteer of the Week Danielle Seltzer. From K ibbutz Beit Alfa, volunteering in Migdal Ha’emek in the GioraYoseftal School. Danielle tutors in The Equalizer’s study center as part of her practicum requirements while doing her BA in Education and Sociology at the Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel. 10 days into her volunteer work, Danielle already made an annual program for the study enter, after speaking with all of the children and learning about each child’s background. The regional manager, Jonathan Tenenboim, said “She made an excellent impression from the first time we met – very intelligent and serious with a lot of motivation and really wants to help the children. This is why we placed her in the new school in our region, because I trust she will do wonderful work.”

In picture:

Eyal, Omer and Omri. They are doing their volunteer year through Ayalim's Student Village in Lod. They chose to volunteer in the Ma'apilim School through our program. They meet with the participants four times a week: twice in the study center - which they run quite creatively, and twice during the football practices - where they assist the coach to support the kids and strengthen them sport-wise. Yosi Oliver, our Shfela Regional Manager, says about them: "These volunteers set a high standard of values, communal giving, modesty, and commitment. The students appreciate them and enjoy attending the study center and enjoy even more t