Apr 1, 2016 - portunity to help the Ben Gurion team ad- vance in their studies and instill important .... in Gush Halav (Gish). Football practice, Moriah School, ...
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TheEqualizer April 2016


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PICTURE OF THE MONTH Tel Aviv's Levinsky's team score the tournament’s first goal, while playing the local Tkuma team, in the Center Region's second tournament of the season in Petach Tikva.

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Stories from the Field The Upper Galilee Region's 2nd tournament in Kiryat Shmona was attended by special guests: Roee Shukrani, Omer Tchalisher, and Or Ostvind from Premier League’s Ironi Kiryat Shmona team. They told the children: "We too have worked hard to get to where we are today. It's important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and do well in your studies– because that's the only way to succeed." The team in the Ben Gurion School in Ofakim works in partnership with the local Scouts movement. The study center is run by the devoted volunteers, Yuval and Tslil, who chose to do their volunteer year in Ofakim, and were very pleased with the opportunity to help the Ben Gurion team advance in their studies and instill important values in the children.

In the first tournament of the Jerusalem Region, the team from the elementary school in Beit Tzafafa neighborhood had outstanding behavior. They were rewarded with a special prize – a visit to the beautiful Jerusalem arena and be guests of Hapoel Jerusalem's basketball team, The Israeli current Champions! In

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Volunteer of the Week Guy, David, and Omri. Tutors at the study center in the Golan School in Nazareth Illit. They arrived at Nazareth Illit for a year, as part of a pre-army program. As part of this program, they are also volunteering in the city. The three chose to volunteer in The Equalizer and were matched up with the Golan School. At first, it was hard and there were many obstacles, but these three incredible people didn't give up on the kids they were in charge of; they continued to show up at the study center and now it looks amazing. You can see the motivation and energy in each meeting and mainly the very strong relationship and connection they have with the kids.

Ariel Yeshua. A tutor in the study center and also an assistant coach in the Shikmim Maoz School in Sderot. Ariel is in her first year, studying law at Sapir Academic College, which has been active with The Equalizer through a partnership with the Baron Rothschild (BR) Ambassadors Organization. Ariel said, "I heard about The Equalizer at one of the BR Ambassadors meetings, and the connection between football and education sounded cool. I work with the kids both at practices and in the study center, together with two other BR Ambassadors. We help the kids with their homework and run value-based activities, and in the Football field they get out their energy beyond the studies." She added about the benefit of the program for the kids: "Working in a team does them well; thanks to the football, they are learning values for their entire life."

Volunteer of the Week Nael Rashed. A tutor in the Moriah School's study center in the Carmiel, which works in partnership with the local community center and UJIA. Nael is originally from the village Reineh, studying at the ORT Braude College of Engineering, and volunteers at The Equalizer through the partnership with ORT Braude's student union. He had great team work with Hila, a volunteer through Ayalim Association's national service, and really connected with the team's young players. Nael told us: "This school reminds me of my childhood, where the teachers and the volunteers were always there for me. This project is excellent and the kids are sweethearts!"

Omer Efendovich. Coordinator for Tali Geulim School's team. One of the longest active members in the Jerusalem Region, and in the organization. Omer started to volunteer in The Equalizer three years ago through the Perach voluntee