Jan 1, 2017 - Studying education and society at the Ono Academic College. She tu- tors the Innovative School׳s team in her hometown, Daliat el Carmel.
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TheEqualizer January 2017


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PICTURE OF THE MONTH This vibrant photo was taken in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, where the first tournament of the year took place with schools from all over the city. The picture was featured on The Equalizer’s Instagram and Facebook.

We Thank Our Partners

Stories from the Field The Ofarim School’s team in Jerusalem had an exciting visit by Réver, the Brazilian footballer and captain of the Flamengo football club. Together with his wife, the player visited Israel with the singer Fernanda Brum and her husband. She has sold over 6 million CDs in Brazil and won the Latin Grammy Awards.

Our most veteran team at the Noam Neriya School in Lod has a study center managed by three computer students Moshe, Shlomo, and Hunanao - who are volunteering in partnership with the student village of Ayalim Association in Lod.

At our Central Region's first tournament of the year in Yafo, we had special guests: four British Members of Parliament (John Mann MP, Nusrat Ghani MP, Craig Williams MP, Craig Whittaker MP) - who were in Israel on a delegation about fighting antisemitism and racism. They learned about The Equalizer, photographed with the participants, and even played with them. In

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The Equalizer - Education on Top

Stories from the Field At the Bir El Amir School's team in Nazareth, the young players watched the short film "Make the Difference." The tutors said they watched the film to increase the kids' motivation in their studies, football, and in life in general!

One of the study center activities at the Ein Hayam school's team in Haifa was dedicated to addressing racism in sport through the film 'Colors of Hatred'. The tutors, Lior and Yariv, helped the kids feel what it is like to be the victims of curses and racist abuse.

The Ohel Meir school in Afula became so involved in the success of the program that they have assigned one of their teachers, Marva, to run the team's study center which functions extremely well and the kids are advancing in a variety of subjects thanks to him!

In picture: Opening Tournament Invitation

more Stories from the Field, follow us on Facebook Thursday, April 14th, 2016For in Afula

The Equalizer - Education on Top

Volunteer of the Week Hani Abramov. Studying Governm ent and Society at the Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College and tutors at the Ba’al Shem Tov school’s team in southern Tel Aviv. She volunteers in partnership with the Rothschild Ambassadors program. Learning to deal with children that have attention and concentration issues, and often don’t cooperate after a long day of school is a major challenge she deals with. An additional challenge is teaching school work in an interesting and fun way with games. Why The Equalizer? Hani: “For me, teaching English is a way to get close to kids and be involved in education. I love these areas and The Equalizer makes it possible.” Omer, our Center Regional Manager, said “Hani is creative and patient with the kids and is always thinking how to contribute more.” Tal, Ilan, Avi, and Oria. This terrific staff is volunteering through our new partnership with the Ru'ach Nachon Mechina, advancing pluralism, dialogue and communal action in Jerusalem. They tutor in the study center of one of our veteran schools in the Jerusalem Region, the Ge’ulim School, which is in its 5th year with The Equalizer. Even though it’s only been two months since the team began, the tutors and participants have already gone through quite a meaningful process. The children were initially unwilling to participate in any activities not connected to football. However, in the last few weeks, thanks to the cooperation with the entire staff - including the team’s coaches - and the tutors' love for the In picture: kids, the