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Maintenance Tracking for Industrial Machinery Abstract Our customer is a leading provider in Environmental, energy and industrial services throughout North America. The company serves a diverse customer base across a broad range of vertical markets, which includes a majority of the fortune 500 companies numerous federal, state, provincial and local governmental agencies, and over 200,000 small and medium sized businesses. The U.S. Government has set some pre-defined standards with regards to pollution for all the industries which deal in waste management i.e., dumping and processing of industrial wastes. Our customer processes the wastes generated by various companies using specialized equipment. This equipment was to be maintained from time to time to ensure that compliance and regulatory standards are met. Our customer was facing major challenges scheduling inspections for maintenance and repairs, to fix any damages or leakages in the industrial equipment, as the entire process of scheduling and tracking was being done manually. Vertex developed a web-based automation solution that eliminated manual BOSTON | CHICAGO | CINCINNATI | CLEVELAND | COLUMBUS | INDIA

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effort, gave a central tracking system and streamlined the process of scheduling and maintenance.

Solution Highlights The key solution aspects are as follows:

Business Challenge Our customer was relying on manual efforts for scheduling and managing inspections, maintaining inspections data and tracking repair status of various industrial machinery across manufacturing plants across geographies. As the process involved significant amount of manual intervention, it became cumbersome and inefficient.

Vertex Solution We delivered a web-based tool that replaced the

Centralized storage of data: The system maintains all relevant information such as equipment ID, equipment location, equipment status, inspection frequency, inspections data and repair status at a single location for easier accessibility. Service Driven – Automated notifications and alerts ensure that the updates on new and pending tasks (inspections & repairs) are available to concerned entities without any delays.

manual effort leading to an efficient and seamless process. The key aspects of our solution include: Inspection Management – For scheduling multiple inspections of various equipment depending on their type and conditions; , managing them looking at the as-on-date status at any point of time with history of inspections and maintenance; and monitor compliance to regulatory standards Repair Management – The system allows authorized user to raise a work ticket for repairs and assign it to respective user. System sends an

Quick Accessibility to relevant data: The system provided different views for respective users (for instance, all scheduled inspections for an inspector; inspection results for compliance manager, repair tickets assigned to a user, etc.) for making relevant information readily available. Easy adoption throughout the organization: The solution offered user-friendly features to ensure early user adoption across the plants, manufacturing sites and branches.

automated email notification to the concerned user. The repair status can be updated in the system. Search – The system provides a very effective and powerful search module. The module allows users to use the ID number associated with each inspection to find relevant information. Reports – Reports are generated based on inspections data and repair status.


BUSINESS VALUE Improved efficiency through process automation and reduction in manual intervention Centralized location for maintaining inspection point data Significant savings in time and effort in scheduling inspections, col