Mallorca; 2001; Nelles, 2001; Sebastian Melmoth; 9783886187348

Biology and fishery of Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797, caught by trawlers in Mallorca (Balearic Sea, Western Mediterranean, some aspects of the biology and ...
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Mallorca; 2001; Nelles, 2001; Sebastian Melmoth; 9783886187348 Insiders and outsiders: paradise and reality in Mallorca, waldren's engaging book is carefully crafted... a superior guide to both the structure and meaning of community and the pleasures of daily life.-Choice... solid accounts of the concepts and social practices related to the casa... patronage, and social. Tourism development in Mallorca: is water supply a constraint, the successful revitalisation of the tourism product on the popular Mediterranean tourist destination of Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain since 1990, following a period of'stagnation'in the 1980s, may be jeopardised by emerging environmental pressures. Abscisic acid and gibberellin-like substances in roots and root nodules ofGlycine max, the content of endogenous gibberellin (GA)-like substances of roots and root nodules of SOya, and GA production by Rhizobium japonicum cultures, were investigated by a combined thin layer chromatographic (TLC)-dwarf pea epicotyl bioassay technique. Patterns of destination repeat business: British tourists in Mallorca, Spain, much research has been conducted on image of destination and destination choice. However, little attention appears to have been paid to the pattern of repeat business at specific destinations. This study investigated the pattern of repeat business of British tourists. Understanding downâ regulation of photosynthesis under water stress: future prospects and searching for physiological tools for irrigation management, authors. JAUME FLEXAS,. Corresponding author: Laboratori de Fisiologia Vegetal, Departament de Biologia, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Carretera de Valldemossa Km 7.5, 07122 Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. Search for more papers by this author. Coastal stratigraphy of southern Mallorca and its implications for the Pleistocene chronology of the Mediterranean Sea, detailed geomorphologic, stratigraphic, and paleontologic investigations on the southern littorals of Mallorca indicate the existence of at least three complex glacio-eustatic regressional intervals, belonging to the last three glacial complexes of the Pleistocene. Biology and fishery of Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797, caught by trawlers in Mallorca (Balearic Sea, Western Mediterranean, some aspects of the biology and fishery of Octopus vulgaris caught by trawlers in the Balearic Sea (Western Mediterranean) are studied. The analysis of the size-frequency distribution followed the growth of specimens from January (6-7 cm ML) to August (11-12. Head lice infestation: single drug versus combination therapy with one percent permethrin and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, background. Head lice infestation (HLI) is a vexing problem for pediatricians and families because lice are becoming resistant to approved antipediculosis agents. Objective. This study compared the efficacy of 3 different treatments for HLI and determined whether. Tracks and trackways of Myotragus balearicus Bate (Artiodactyla, Caprinae) in Pleistocene aeolianites from Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean, tracks and trackways of the ruminant goat, Myotragus balearicus Bate, 1909 are abundant in the Late Pleistocene aeolianites of the south coast of Mallorca, Spain. The carbonate aeolianites form impressive dunes and related sand ramps that were initiated as echo dunes. Reef geometries, erosion surfaces and highâ frequency seaâ level changes, upper Miocene Reef Complex, Mallorca, Spain, aBSTRACT The upper Miocene Reef Complex of Mallorca is a 20-km prograding unit which crops out in sea cliffs along the southern side of the island. These vertical and exceptionally clean outcrops permit:(i) identification of different facies (lagoon, reef front, reef slope. U-series measurements in Tyrrhenian deposits from Mallorcaâ ”further evidence for two last-interglacial high sea levels in the Balearic Islands, abstract The Campo de Tiro type-section for the Tyrrhenian ecostratigraphic beds of the Balearic Islands shows four indurated littoral conglomerates and beach-rocks, unconformably superimposed. The lower two units (1 and 2) are separated by a thin layer. Determinants of the price of German tourist packages on the island of Mallorca, the prices of tourist packages offered by various tour operators are not directly comparable, given the diversity of their characteristics. The services contracted differ in volume, quality and location. This work studies the vacations offered on the island of Mallorca by a sample. Impacts of tourism development on water demand and beach degradation on the island of Mallorca (Spain, the development of tourism in Mallorca has led to the island's economy being based, almost exclusively, on this sector. Since 1955 mass tourism has affected the economic and social structures of Mallorca. The development was based on a rapid growth of tourist demand. Production of carbonate particles by phytobenthic communities on the Mallorca-Menorca shelf, northwestern Mediterranean Sea, in this paper the carbonate content and production, both at the species level and at the community level, is quantified in four areas of the Mallorca-Menorca shelf, northwestern Mediterranean Sea. Eight benthic communities are identified, each living at specific depth. Sea-level highstand 81,000 years ago in Mallorca, global sea level and Earth's climate are closely linked. Using speleothem encrustations from coastal caves on the island of Mallorca, we determined that western Mediterranean relative sea level was~ 1 meter above modern sea level~ 81,000 years ago during marine isotope. Effect of osmotically induced leaf moisture stress on nodulation and nitrogenase activity ofGlycine max, the effect of 2-day cycles of osmotically induced leaf moisture stress followed by partial recovery on the nodulation and nitrogenase activity of 2 soya cultivars was studied. Fourteen days after plant inoculation (midgrowth stage) the total leaf electrochemical water potential. Antithrombotic treatment with directâ acting oral anticoagulants in patients with splanchnic vein thrombosis and cirrhosis, background Directâ acting oral anticoagulants (DOAC s) are used in patients with splanchnic vein thrombosis (SVT) and cirrhosis, but evidence for safety and efficacy in this setting is limited. Our aim was to identify indications and reasons for starting or switching to DOAC. Experiences on greywater re-use for toilet flushing in a hotel (Mallorca Island, Spain, an indoor greywater recycling system to flush the toilets in a hotel is described. The system is based on filtration, sedimentation and disinfection treatments using hypochlorite as the disinfecting agent. An average amount of water of 5.2 m 3/d− 1 was re-used, which. Tourism and sustainable water supply in Mallorca: a geographical analysis, problems of sustainability of water supply in tourist resorts are becoming an increasingly common and important issue in applied geography and environmental management. This paper examines the relationships between tourism and water supply on the Mediterranean. Tourist satisfaction with Mallorca, Spain, as an off-season holiday destination, a number of research studies have investigated tourist satisfaction with mass tourism destinations, particularly during the peak (summer) season. However, there has been limited investigation of tourist satisfaction with off-season holiday destinations. This article reports. by JA Dorale, BP Onac, JJ Fornós, J Ginés, A Ginés