THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Manhattan student-athletes Donovan Kates, RaShawn Stores,. Emmy Andujar and Ashton Pankey. Questions for the.
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NCAA 2015 Basketball Championship First Four - Dayton, Ohio Monday, March 16

Manhattan THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Manhattan student-athletes Donovan Kates, RaShawn Stores, Emmy Andujar and Ashton Pankey. Questions for the student-athletes. Q. What is it like being back here now, second year in a row? DONOVAN KATES: Well, being back here for the second year in a row is exciting, just like it was the first year. We want to come here, play hard, show our style, compete, just do the things Manhattan does. RASHAWN STORES: Basically what Donovan said. It feels good to be back to back, especially the way we started out, a lot of people doubted us. It's great to be back. We want to show the world our style and hopefully win some games. EMMY ANDUJAR: It feels great to be back. I feel we're a fun team to watch, the way we play and get after it. I feel like we're going to go out there and perform very well. ASHTON PANKEY: We're extremely grateful to be here. Obviously we struggled at the beginning of the year. It feels great to be here the second year in a row. I don't think too many teams have an opportunity to do that. So we want to go out here play as hard as we can for 40 minutes and at the end of the day have some fun. Q. You guys had no time to absorb it yesterday. You guys flashed on the screen right away? What was your initial thought when you saw 16 and you guys were coming to Dayton? ASHTON PANKEY: I don't know too much about what goes into if we had the play-in and whatnot, I guess we had a couple of bad losses and stuff. But they called us early. At the end of the day we've got to be ready to play, no matter who we play. We have Hampton first, that's what we're worried about. We'll go out there, have fun, play hard and hopefully the outcome is a win. Q. Hampton's coach said that one thing that really concerned him was the fact that you guys had been in the tournament before, been here on this very floor. How much of an advantage do you think that is that you guys have been through this fire already? ASHTON PANKEY: I think the experience is definitely

our advantage. Us right here, we've been here before. The biggest thing for us is getting the young guys, having them getting them in the right mindset. We're all on the same page. The younger guys have fun, and just have the experience, we're going to be in the right spot. Q. For all you guys, how do you describe the last 24 hours and the initial reaction, a minute in and then trying to turn it around and prepare for an opponent, play-in game and flying and everything? ASHTON PANKEY: The last 24 hours has been pretty crazy. Just everything. Whether it be the fans, the media, just being with family, it's been pretty hectic. It was a quick turnaround. We found out we play Hampton, and we had to study film. We had practice last night. Very early flight this morning. So it's a pretty rough turnaround. But at the end of the day we're grateful to be here. It's only 68 teams. The rest of the teams, they wish they could be in this position. So we're going to go out there, play as hard as we can and just have fun. EMMY ANDUJAR: It was crazy. Our name was popped up first. As soon as that happened, we got together and like AP said, we had practice that night. We watched film, went over Hampton stuff, and then we got on a flight the next morning. RASHAWN STORES: It was pretty shocking. As soon as the Selection Show came on, your name pop up. We wished to be a higher seed like anybody else, but like last year it took us a while to get picked. And this year it happened fast. So we just gotta be prepared for Hampton and no one really know. DONOVAN KATES: Overall, I feel extremely blessed with however it happened. And we're just here saying we want to take Hampton seriously, prepare for them, play hard when we get out there and hopefully show the Dayton, Ohio crowd our style. Q. What stands out to you guys about Hampton in the short time you guys have had watching film and preparing for them? DONOVAN KATES: They're extremely, extremely dangerous. They're very