Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Allen, Mark, date. The magical ... ISBN 978-1-60868-145-7 (pbk. : alk. paper). 1. Self-actualization (Psychology) 2. Success. 3. Affirmations. 4. Visualization. 5. Magic. I. Title. BF637.S4 A5734. 133.4'3—dc23 ... 80 / Write Your Plans 82 / The Magician's Toolkit 84 /. Treasure ...
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Magical Path

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Magical Path Creating the Life of Your Dreams and A World That Works for All

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— Dedicated to you —

and to everyone who has taken my courses, for your love and appreciation and, best of all, never-ending miracle stories

May we be guided by Spirit every moment in our thoughts, words, and actions.

And miracles will follow miracles, and wonders will never cease, because all our expectations are for the highest good of all.

C ontents

A Note to Readers xiii

0 Introduction: A Magical Path 1 A Magical Path in Today’s World 3 / The Force of Life 6 / A Word about Repetition 9 / The Essence of What I Know 10

1 Dream, Imagine, Create — The Power of the Worlds Within Us 13 Dreams Are Essential 13 / The Inner World of Imagination 14 / Three-Breath Entry 16 / Closing the Gates 16 / You Are a Pillar of Light 17 / Three Versions of the Middle Pillar Meditation 17 / Simple Middle Pillar Meditation 19 / Walking Middle Pillar Meditation 19 / Longer Middle Pillar Meditation 20 / Directing the Light Energy 23 / Circulating Energy 23 / Healing Yourself 25 / Healing Others 26 / Healing Others at a Distance 30 / Attracting Money and Abundance 31 / Helping Others 32 / Resolving Problems 34 / Your Inner Sanctuary and Inner Guide 36 / The Power of  Your Ideal Scene 39 / Ideal Scene Meditation 40 / Short

Meditation for Your Ideal Scene 42 / Taking Care of  Yourself and Your World 42

2 Affirming the Dream — The Power of the Spoken Word 45 In the Beginning Was the Word 45 / Affirmations Work 49 / Mira