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Apr 25, 2012 - home monitoring and control equipment kit, Verizon broadband service ...... San Carlos Apache Telephone Utility ...... server or host it for you.
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When you have FiOS, other buildings just can’t compare. The ultimate entertainment at home and on the go.

Unparalleled control, remote access, and more convenience.

• FiOS® Internet – America’s fastest, most consistent and most reliable Internet

• Verizon Concierge – Lifestyle amenity management solution offering property communications and alerts for residents, plus package tracking, integrated vendor services and more

• FiOS® TV – High-quality access to over 540 channels, including 140+ in HD • Verizon Flex View* – Allows you to watch over 12,000 titles on the go, on your TV, PC, or compatible smartphone

• Verizon Home Monitoring and Control** – And with FiOS, your residents can get the most out of other great Verizon services like Verizon Home Monitoring and Control, which allows them to monitor cameras, manage energy use, and remotely access and control devices in their home, via their TV remote, smartphone, or laptop/PC

Give your property the unbeatable power of FiOS® today.

CLICK CALL 1.888.376.5472 *Service usage and content availability restrictions apply. **Home Monitoring and Control Service is provided by Verizon Online LLC. Licensed in NY # 12000302262 by NY State Department of State. VA DJCS #11-6657. Requires home monitoring and control kit, starting at $69.99 (sold separately). Additional monthly recurring service fee of $9.99 billed separately. $7.99 Shipping fee & other taxes and charges apply. Requires home monitoring and control equipment kit, Verizon broadband service and home network, sold separately. If you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel your service within 30 days of order, return all equipment provided and receive a refund for any monthly service or equipment charges paid. If you fail to return the equipment an equipment fee will apply. Home Monitoring and Control Service is not available for small business users and is not intended for non-residential consumer or commercial business use. Other terms and conditions apply. FiOS available in select areas. Actual speeds may vary. Battery back up for standard fiber-based voice, FiOS Digital Voice and E911 (but not other voice services) for up to 8 hours. Call for details. ©2012 Verizon. E5942

CONNECTED CONNECTIVITY COVERAGE FROM INSIDE OUT. WE’RE IN IT. TE and our Distribution partner Power & Tel are uniquely positioned to provide network solutions tailored to your individual needs. TE Connectivity’s range of products and Power & Tel’s commitment to providing these products at the right place at the right time offers an outstanding opportunity for today’s fiber optic networks. TE Connectivity’s quality products and Power & Tel’s supply chain expertise connects you to the right fiber network solution. Connect with Power & Tel for TE’s full line offering at: 800-238-7514 or [email protected]

FEATURED PRODUCTS Micro VAM System. TE’s Value-Added Module (VAM) system adds flexibility and functionality to the optical transport system by enabling easy incorporation of optical components into the network. TE offers a modular solution that includes monitoring, splitting, WDM, CWDM and DWDM modules.

CERTI-SEAL Coax Coupling Closure. Designed for direct buried splicing of Series 59, 6, 7 and 11 coaxial cables, this easy-to-install one-piece housing snaps on over a coax connection with no special tools required for installation or repair.

FOSC Splice Closures. The FOSC family of fiber optic splice closures utilizes compressed gel cable sealing and a quick release dometo-dome base clamp and comes in a variety of sizes to choose from, each capable of handling a range of cable styles and sizes. The integration of CWDM field proven technology into Fiber optic enclosures allows for easy installation and consistent performance.

Optical Distribution Frames and Panels. TE’s frame and panel solutions provide a centralized po