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The best version of myself as a leader. • Life on Purpose: Know what you want. • Personal reflection, small group discussion, class discussion. • True North:.
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Mastering Leadership for Middle & Senior Leaders

Overview This programme is designed to deliver knowledge, understanding and skills required in senior leadership roles in ambitious organisations and is recognised by ILM as a Leadership Development Award. The content will broaden and build upon the self-awareness of leaders to create a strong understanding of the connection between participant’s thinking and behaviours, and the performance they inspire in others. We will look at all areas of self-concept, personality, and help participants to understand their own motivations, strengths and development needs and those of their entire team. We explores how to set meaningful and personally relevant performance objectives, and to flex their own style of leadership according to the needs of each situation and individual. These elements come together through group learning and executive coaching to enable participants to become influential and highly-effective, modern leaders. It is stressed that while this outline is based on interventions prepared and delivered for other clients it is readily amended to meet the precise needs of your organisation.

Structure of the Programme The ‘shape’ of the programme looks like this: core 2-day modules are followed by a 1-2-1 coaching session for all participants. Allow around 6-8 weeks between the modules. Pre-Course 360 degree feedback

Psychometrics (wide range available)

Module One – 2 days

Module Two – 2 days

Module Three – 2 days

Who are you?

Leadership Theory

Influence & Impact

Developing a highly authentic leadership style

Challenges in the VUCA economy and the psychological contract with employees

Applying the theories, communication, conflict, coaching

…ongoing 1-2-1 executive coaching between modules… Optional Additional Modules  Strategic Thinking  Negotiating Successfully

 High-Performance Teams  Change Leadership

 Collaborative Working  Inclusive Leadership

Post module assignments – End of programme assessments (optional)

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Mastering Leadership 3x2day

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Mastering Leadership for Middle & Senior Leaders

Programme Overview Module One To start participant will get to grips with who they really are, what drives them. By harnessing their own true potential, they can develop a highly authentic leadership style. In advance we will explore the results of a 360-degree review assessment for each individual on 1-2-1 basis. The discussion with their coach will provide the basis for them to prioritise their development needs. The key elements of this module include: What is personality? MBTI is explored and evaluated during the workshop and following which assessment results for each individual will be conducted in a personal 1-2-1 session 

Career DNA activity: know what works for you. What has brought you to this point? Career crucibles. Personal values

Self-knowledge. The 5 regrets. Informed career choices. Authentic leadership

The Ebbinghaus Effect: key learning points so far

Strengths-based working  Know what you do best - self-assessment activity  Review and discuss results and themes  Strengths-based team working  Strengths-based leadership practice

Understanding weaknesses  What do you get criticised for?  Managing ‘derailers’  Heterogeneous vs homogeneous teams

Know your allies  ‘Five People’ activity  Personal board of directors  The right tribe  The best version of myself as a leader

Life on Purpose: Know what you want  Personal reflection, small group discussion, class discussion

True North:  Know where you are going  12 month career goals

Personal reflection and planning time

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Mastering Leadership 3x2day

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Mastering Leadership for Middle & Senior Leaders

Module Two In the second module, we will explore key leadership theories, defining what is required in a cutting edge organisation. The key elements of this module include:

To start, where have we got to this point? Engage, refresh, reflect, apply:  What have you applied and tried?  What has worked / not worked?  Different outcomes?

Leadership or Management?  Prioritisation Leader or Manager? - Doing things right, or doing the right things?  Core focus of leaders/managers - Fulfil shareholder objectives – RESULTS  The role of CSR  What do we do – Strategy

Why should anyone be led by you?  Most inspirational leader?  Personal leadership audit

Models of leadership  Nature / nurture - Positional / relational  Transactional or transformational  Situational leadership  The leadership services model

Understanding motivation  Factors of motivation (self-actualisation, learning, appreciation and self-esteem, relationships, safety and security)  Why do people come to work?  Psychological contract

You get the people you deserve  Building a high-performance team - Recognition for results  Different strokes - SEPA analysis - Courage and consideration

Understanding employee engagement  The changing nature of work  Crucial conversations - Giving difficult feedback - Managing conflict  Degrees of involvement in change  The new VUCA Prime mind-set  Planning your leadership manifesto

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Mastering Leadership 3x2day

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Mastering Leadership for Middle & Senior Leaders

Module Three In the third module, we examine the subject of impact and influence, looking at how to apply the theories and concepts discussed in the previous modules. 

To start, where have we got to this point? Engage, refresh, reflect, apply:  What have you applied and tried?  What has worked / not worked?  Different outcomes?

How we create culture  Mapping your organisations culture - Sacred cows  Now vs future: gap analysis  Hofstede on international culture Leadership or Management?

Levels of Communication  Stepping up: risk & trust - Assumptions and generalisations  How good a communicator are you?  80% of your role

Understand why:  Globalisation and localisation of messages  Understand personal contribution  Communicating difficult messages  Think, feel, do

Degrees of engagement  Communications traffic mapping  Managing diverse stakeholders  The importance of feedback

Leader as coach  Self-assessment activity  High involvement methods: AI  Promoting personal accountability

Prioritisation and resilience  Leading the way

Leadership by design, not by default  Symbolic leadership action

Personal reflection and planning – assessment preparation of included

Next steps

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Mastering Leadership 3x2day

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Mastering Leadership for Middle & Senior Leaders

ILM Recognition To add additional credibility, the programme is recognised and approved by the ILM. In addition to ILM certificates at the end of the programme, attendees have the added value of 12 months study membership with the ILM. This will enable them to broaden and build on their learning experience during the programme and give them ample opportunity to maintain the learning momentum by studying further around the key subject areas, digging deeper into subjects which may be of particular interest or relevance in their work. We will extol the virtues of a learning organisation such as the ILM, dedicated to developing people who develop organisations, and remind them to make the most of this value resource, quoting Eric Hoffer, "In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists."

Righttrack Style The Righttrack style is to engage, energise and enthuse. Sure, there’s formal input from the programme leader, but we aim to build knowledge and skills through maximum interaction and minimum lecture. We know from experience that that’s the only way to leave people feeling inspired, and to make a real difference to your organisation. Most importantly, every programme has a strong focus on making sure each participant can translate the learning to their leadership role.

Facilitators The course facilitators available to deliver this Leadership programme have extensive experience working at Senior Management, Director and Board level with cross sector experience. It is usual to nominate one specialist to the coaching role and others to deliver the modules. Facilitator Profiles will be provided once the scope of the requirement is attained. Your delivery team will be handpicked by your Project Manager and profiles provided.

Next Steps If this is a programme that interests you please do not hesitate to get in contact. Phone – +44 (0)121 222 7313 Email – [email protected]

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Mastering Leadership 3x2day

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