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Learning Without Limits Discover a personalized learning experience that inspires minds and improves results – anytime, anywhere. Digital learning prepares students for 21st century careers. McGraw-Hill Education is leading the push to digitize and personalize education, promoting skills such as collaboration and critical thinking. See how we help to improve student performance with the following solutions.

All-In-One Digital Learning

LearnSmart Advantage

Our learning management platform builds on our success in digital education and vast experience in content development.

A suite of adaptive learning products that includes SmartBook, higher education’s first adaptive e-book.

Seamless Integration

Custom Publishing

With McGraw-Hill Campus, schools and instructors can access our content and technology through any existing LMS.

Our digital custom-publishing platform gives instructors unprecedented control over classroom content. createhelp/

McGraw-Hill Practice

New Models for Success

Hands-on, experiential learning games that provide the next generation of digital, personalized- learning for today’s students.

We work with your goals, needs and ideas to create tailored learning experiences that engage students, empower instructors, and enable greater success.

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McGRAW-HILL EDUCATION 2015 CATALOG Welcome to McGraw-Hill Education 2015 MANAGEMENT & MARKETING Catalog. Inside this catalog, you will find a wide selection of McGraw-Hill Education latest academic publications. Apart from those published from the US, we have also included publications from Asia as well as from our subsidiaries in Australia, India and United Kingdom. For the benefit of students, widely adopted textbooks are made available as low-priced McGraw-Hill International Editions (see titles in this catalog tagged with “International Edition”).

REVIEW COPY REQUEST Teaching professionals who wish to consider McGraw-Hill Education titles for textbook adoption may request for a review copy. To request for a review copy: ƒƒ contact your local McGraw-Hill Education Representatives or, ƒƒ fax the Review Copy Request Form found in this catalog or, ƒƒ e-mail to [email protected] or, ƒƒ submit online at (Note: All requests for review copies are subject to approval. M cGraw-Hill Education reserves the right to refuse any requests that do not relate to teaching).

HOW TO ORDER McGraw-Hill Education books and International Editions are easily available through your local bookstores. In case of difficulty in purchasing our publications, please contact the local McGraw-Hill Education office (see inside back cover) or send your orders to: McGraw-Hill Education (Asia) 1 International Business Park #01-15A, The Synergy Singapore 609917 Tel: (65) 6863 1580 Tel: (65) 6868 8188 (Customer Service Hotline) Fax: (65) 6862 3354 Email: [email protected] A NOTE TO LIBRARIANS Please place your orders through your regular local Library Supplier/Contractor. For further assistance, kindly contact your local McGraw-Hill Education (Asia) representative.

INVITATION TO PUBLISH McGraw-Hill Education is continuously sourcing for quality manuscript for the academic and professional markets in Asia for inclusion in our global publishing program. Please contact your local McGraw-Hill Education office or email us directly i