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Dec 4, 2017 - thereby extending privileges to CCCC members. He also offered that he has periodically played golf at the Milton Country Club in the past.
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Frequently Asked Questions City of Milton’s Proposed Purchase of Milton Country Club (MCC) Document Date: Dec. 4, 2017 The following questions have been compiled from resident questions submitted via email, telephone and social media. If you find that your question is not included below, it may be that your submission was received after the document was finalized today (Dec. 4, 2017). We will continue gathering questions and adding to the FAQs below. 1. Why is Milton so focused on purchasing land that’s a golf course? The Milton Country Club (MCC) and its six parcels provide the opportunity to purchase large acreage in the heart of Milton. Additionally, it offers a strategic location and increased connectivity to a key Milton trail component, the Central Milton Trail. Residents have told us over and over again through public meetings, the Milton Comprehensive Transportation Plan survey, and most recently the Milton Parks and Recreation Master Plan survey that they want more trails in Milton. The most recent park planning survey, conducted by ETC Institute one of the nation’s leading community-based market research firms, found that 77% of the survey respondents indicated a need for more walking, hiking and biking trails. Additionally, 92% of the respondents indicated they were supportive of additional walking/hiking/biking trails. [Note: These survey results will be presented to Milton residents in January 2018 as part of the Milton Parks and Recreation Master Planning process currently underway.] 2. If its passive usage, isn’t the whole park essentially a dog park? Passive parks can include dog parks. However, dog parks require specific authorization by the city. Individuals who utilize a Milton park with their dogs must adhere to all rules and regulations for that Milton facility as well as all applicable leash laws. 3. Is Milton considering a dog park at Milton Country Club? No definitive decisions have been made about the greenspace obtained as part of a possible MCC purchase. Decisions regarding Milton park facilities are always made with input from the community. In the case of MCC, any passive park components would require compliance with the greenspace bond referendum and would include community input. 4. How much is the land going to cost? The total purchase price for MCC is $5 million for 137.09 acres ($36,472.39/acre). 5. What happens to the existing facilities like the pool and tennis courts there? No definitive decisions have been made regarding the future plans for the greenspace and facilities acquired through possible purchase of the MCC. The City of Milton would likely engage a professional consultant with golf course conversion experience to assist with the possibilities and would engage the community at large for feedback. 6. What is the anticipated cost of maintaining the existing facilities? Long-term operating costs are dependent upon a number of factors that cannot be calculated until the passive park components are determined and facility decisions are made. The city did explore a number of possible revenue generating sources that could aid with future maintenance costs such as the 1

Frequently Asked Questions City of Milton’s Proposed Purchase of Milton Country Club (MCC) Document Date: Dec. 4, 2017 sale of sod, sale of minimal land to adjacent property owners with conservation easements in place, sale of stream mitigation credits, and possible lease/sale of facilities and/or equipment obtained in the purchase. Depending upon facility decisions, future city programming such as a summer day programs for residents within the facilities could also serve as a possible revenue source for ongoing operating costs. 7. Are Milton Country Club and Crooked Creek Country Club the same facility? MCC and Crooked Creek are two separate facilities located at different addresses within the city of Milton. At one time, the previous owner operated them on the same “software platform” and as we understand it, extended membership privileges across the two locations. The new owner, Triumph, has indicated