Measure BB - Alameda County

Nov 4, 2014 - Pursuant to Division 19 of the Public Utilities Code (commencing with Section 180000) ...... Consortium in meeting the requirements of the ADA.
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Alameda County Transportation Commission

Election Date:

November 4, 2014

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Shall voters authorize implementing the Alameda County 30 year Transportation Expenditure Plan to: Expand and modernize BART in Alameda County; Improve transit connections to jobs and schools; Fix roads, improve highways and increase bicycle and pedestrian safety; Reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality; and Keep senior, student, and disabled fares affordable? Approval augments by ½ cent and extends the existing County sales tax, with independent oversight and audits. All money will benefit local residents.


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Arthur L. Dao

August 4, 2014


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510-208-7428 [email protected]/

Measure BB - Argument In Favor First approved by Alameda County voters in 1986 and renewed in 2000 with 81% voter approval, Measure BB’s predecessor measures have provided critical transportation infrastructure and services for nearly three decades. Measure BB is a detailed plan; the result of four years of careful planning in collaboration with seniors, business and community leaders, environmentalists, transit activists and taxpayer advocates.

Measure BB will expand BART, keep fares affordable for seniors, disabled and young people, fix roads, fill potholes, restore bus transit services and reduce traffic congestion to manage our aging infrastructure and provide good transportation for Alameda County residents. Measure BB will also create jobs and grow our local economy. A recent study by the Bay Area Economic Council found that Measure BB will create 150,000 jobs and provide nearly 20 billion dollars of economic investment in Alameda County.

This detailed plan was developed to benefit Alameda County residents. The plan reduces greenhouse gas emissions and slows the increase of vehicle miles travelled while expanding our local transportation network. Measure BB will: • • • • •

Expand and improve BART service across Alameda County; Keep transit fares affordable for seniors, youth and people with disabilities and restore bus service; Improve air quality and provide clean transportation options, including bike paths, walkways and trails; Create jobs in Alameda County; Fix our roads and reduce traffic congestion by fixing difficult intersections and providing alternatives to driving.

Measure BB is a robust plan with strong accountability measures. It requires an independent citizen’s oversight committee and annual financial and performance audits. Every dollar raised by Measure BB stays in Alameda County to improve local transportation. Every city in Alameda County voted unanimously to support Measure BB. Seniors, transit activists, taxpayer advocates, business leaders, environmentalists and neighborhood leaders throughout Alameda County all agree: vote YES on Measure BB.

Argument Against Measure BB Measure BB would double the current transportation sales tax and extend