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Apr 1, 2016 - MEDIA RELEASE. For Immediate Release ... We have heard loud and clear that the Provincial Government is listening. On behalf of. Members ...
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MEDIA RELEASE For Immediate Release

Niagara Falls included in OLG Modernization Model Niagara Falls, ON, April 1, 2016 - The Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) Corporation announced today that it will include Niagara casinos in its Modernization procurement process. This allows our properties in Niagara Falls to be a part of a consistent model that values competition. Being a part of Modernization lets Niagara Casinos compete on a level playing field with other casinos in the Province and with the growing gaming market in the United States. It will ensure that our casinos have every opportunity to be successful and to thrive within a business model in Ontario encouraging success and growth. We have heard loud and clear that the Provincial Government is listening. On behalf of Members of Council, I would like to thank Minister of Finance, Charles Sousa and his team, along with Stephen Rigby and staff at OLG for all of their efforts to make this a priority. This is a clear show of faith in Niagara Falls and Niagara casinos not only as strong and viable partners in gaming in Ontario, but of Niagara Falls as a valued and important leader in tourism. Allowing us to participate will help protect the jobs at our casinos, which are the number one employers in our Region. It will also lead to opportunities for growth, future development, prosperity and even more jobs for the people of Niagara. Being included in Modernization will allow Niagara casinos to move forward on competitive initiatives including things like attracting an internationally recognized name brand in gaming, and potentially opening an additional boutique style casino in Niagara Falls. This will help us along the way to becoming an internationally branded destination. The City will take a leading role in helping to shape the Request for Proposal (RFP) for Modernization and helping to determine the winning operator. In addition to the Modernization announcement, it is an exciting time for gaming and entertainment in Niagara Falls, with the RFP for the new 7000 seat entertainment centre to be issued in May, 2016. This will also serve to enhance the many offerings in entertainment and gaming in Niagara Falls. -30-

For more information, contact: Mayor Jim Diodati City of Niagara Falls Phone: 905-356-7521 x 4201 Email: [email protected]

Carey Campbell Mayor’s Office, City of Niagara Falls Phone: 905-356-7521 x 4206 Email: [email protected]