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Media Release. 26 March 2015 ... visitors with thousands of direct calls for policy progress expressed through social media. “Today we are pleased that we have ...
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Media Release

26 March 2015


Campaign delivers concrete outcomes for the bush Thousands of farmers and rural communities have been demanding better policies for the bush and better representation in Macquarie Street ahead of the state election this weekend. Many have united under NSW Farmers #StandUp4Farmers campaign launched in early February which has targeted regional communities and mobilised country NSW to ‘stand up, shout out and be heard’ this state election. NSW Farmers President Fiona Simson said that it was important that farmers were not taken for granted in this election. “Country NSW is an important economic contributor to our state and our way of life and that means we need to listen to what our farmers are saying,” she said. “Since the launch of our Stand up For Farmers campaign the site has had over 7,000 unique visitors with thousands of direct calls for policy progress expressed through social media. “Today we are pleased that we have turned a corner and the Coalition parties have listened and I am pleased to announce that NSW Farmers has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Liberal and National Parties on the key requests from farmers across the state. “This MOU commits the Coalition to certain policy priorities should they be elected,” she said. Throughout the campaign, farmers have called for policy commitments that are desperately needed in the bush. “We have called for additional oversight of our biosecurity laws. We have demanded better funding for our regional and rural roads. We have taken a stand for young farmers who want new strategies to attract the next generation of farmers,” Ms Simson said. “We have called for government policy on a right to farm and asked that environmental protection policy be strengthened. Crucially, we have demanded action on native vegetation laws. “This campaign brought farmers together and amplified the volume of their voice. “That voice has been heard in Macquarie Street and the Coalition parties have signed on for rural policy reform. “We recognise that this document does not deliver everything for everyone and we will continue to be a strong voice for farmers across the state.

“However, it demonstrates the power of rural voters and it is a reminder that when we talk as one and demand to be heard, governments listen. “That when we stand up together, we cannot be ignored,” Ms Simson concluded. NSW Farmers will continue to make sure that all rural voices are heard over the next term of government and beyond. ends

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