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Andrew Singh. Walton High School. 12. 7A. Darr Smith. Johnson Ferry Christian Academy. 12 GICAA. Hayden Tullos. Marietta High School. 12. 7A. Dax Willette.
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Meet the 2016 All-Metro High School Cross Country Team Atlanta Track Club's Criteria for Selection 1. All athletes must attend a school in the All-Metro region (defined as a school in a county touching Fulton or DeKalb) 2. Only high school competition during the season is considered. No club, pre-season or post-season competition results apply. Certain out-of-state competitions are considered if they are sanctioned. 3. Place and time at State 4. Season best and average 5. Large Meet Performance – Head-to-Head Competition 6. Consistency throughout the season 7. Athletes must be in good standing with their school to be considered.

Name McKenzie Cromer

School Union Grove High School

Grade 10


Kaylee DuPont

South Forsyth High School

Skylar English

Dacula High School

Nicole Fegans

Landmark Christian School

Sarah Foreman Liz Galarza

Landmark Christian School

Delaney Graham

Westminster School

Nyah Hernandez

Creekview High School

Mary Kathryn Knott Kathleen Maley Kendall Nelson

Peachtree Ridge High School

Camryn Petit

Mill Creek High School

Marie Repasy

Milton High School

Elizabeth Rice

Kennesaw Mountain High School

Elizabeth Saliba

Brookwood High School

Kira Stanley Brynne Sumner Serena Tripodi Megan Usznki Sophia West Josie Wirtz

Harrison High School

11 11 12 11 12 11 9 11 10 12 11 12 11 11 11 10 12 9 11 11

7A 6A 1A Private 1A Private 7A 3A 6A 7A 4A 4A 7A 7A 7A 7A 6A 7A 3A 5A 1A Private 4A

West Forsyth High School

Marist School Marist School

Woodstock High School Lovett School McIntosh High School Paideia School Marist School


*This list is an alphabetical listing and is not in any particular order/ranking until all voting ballots are received

Kaylee DuPont – Class 7A South Forsyth High School, 11th grade Place at State: 2nd • •

Warpath Invitational Champion 3rd at Wingfoot XC Classic

Skylar English – Class 6A Dacula High School, 11th grade Place at State: 3rd • •

Nicole Fegans – Class A Private Landmark Cristian School, 12th grade Place at State: 1st • •

Alexander Invitational Champion Battle of Atlanta Runner-Up

Region Champion 5th at Gwinnett County Championships

Sarah Foreman – Class A Private Landmark Christian School, 11th grade Place at State: 4th • •

1st 1A-4A Carrolton Ortho Invitational 3rd Starr’s Mill Panther Invite

Liz Galarza – Class 7A West Forsyth High School, 12th grade Place at State: 1st • •

Delaney Graham – Class 3A Westminster School, 11th grade Place at State: 2nd • 1st Carrolton Last Chance • 4th Alexander Invitational

Wingfoot XC Classic Runner-Up Warpath Invitational Runner-Up

McKenzie Cromer – Class 5A Union Grove High School, 10th grade Place at State: 4th • •

Henry County Champion Region Runner-Up

Nyah Hernandez – Class 6A Creekview High School, 9th grade Place at State: 1st • •

Mary Kathryn Knott – Class 7A Peachtree Ridge High School, 11th grade Place at State: 3rd • •

Gwinnett County Runner-Up Region Champion

Cherokee County Champion Region Champion

Kathleen Maley – Class 4A Marist School, 10th Grade Place at State: 3rd • •

3rd at Region 12th at Warpath Invitational

Kendall Nelson – Class 4A Marist School, 12th grade Place at State: 5th • •

Camryn Petit – Class 7A Mill Creek High School, 11th grade Place at State: 7th • •

8th Coach Wood Invitational Sandy Creek Kick-Off Champion

Region Runner-Up 21st FSU Invitational

Marie Repasy – Class