remembered as the player with the best neck to slap when they are pissed. Hopefully these occasions are not frequent for the sake of his neck! If you could ...
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It’s week 9 of “Meet the Wolves,” and this week we are introducing Jace Moore. Jace is a 16-year-old junior who plays as a guard for the Wolves. He resides in Abita Springs, and is the son of and Jessica and Kevin and the brother to McKae and Miley Moore. Jace is a sharp shooter from behind the three-point line. He is also known at practice for his finesse layup package, and is currently battling neck and neck for the pregame half-court shooting competition with Coach Dale! To get to know a little more about Jace, he was asked the following questions: What is it about basketball that made you want to play in high school? Much like myself, Jace said he had to choose between playing soccer and basketball, and chose to play basketball because it is more up-paced and entertaining. He stated that shooting a ball is a lot more fun than kicking a ball. What is your favorite or funniest SPS basketball memory so far? Jace’s favorite memory so far was hanging out with his teammates in the hotel during the Arkansas road trip over the Thanksgiving break. He said he was able to showcase his unbelievable NBA 2k skills during the leisure time. What are you looking forward to the most for this season? Any goals? Jace is mostly looking forward to just having a good time and winning games throughout the season! How do you want your teammates to remember you? Jace showing his willingness to take one for a team, responded that he would like to be remembered as the player with the best neck to slap when they are pissed. Hopefully these occasions are not frequent for the sake of his neck! If you could create a signature shoe, what would it be called? Jace may be considered the most creative on this question as he said his signature shoe would be called, “The Jimberlands Half Jordan Retro 1.” Jace really must have spent some time at the drawing board for this shoe. His inspiration comes from a mix of the classic Timberlands boots with Retro Jordan 1’s that also have the jelly logo (grape emoji) on them. Jace’s shoe is a hybrid in that you have the perfect mix of hooping ability

and style wrapped up in one shoe. We are still waiting on a release date, but it is expected that this shoe will change the industry! Are you more of a round earth guy, or do you agree with Kyrie Irving that the Earth is flat? Jace also argued as a round Earth candidate stating, “There is no way Kyrie is for real if he thought the Earth was flat. People would just fall off the side of the Earth, and I have never heard of people falling off the side of the Earth. Argument complete.” Jace confidently brings yet another argument to debate against the few flat Earth contenders. Who is your favorite member of the Ball family and why? (Lavar, LaMelo, LiAngelo, Lonzo) Jace said he is mostly a fan of Lonzo Ball just like many of his previous teammates. Lonzo is his favorite because he said Lonzo has an ugly jump shot, but is still wet. Jace also thinks Lonzo has the nastiest high school mixtape out of all his brothers. Do you have any plans after high school? Jace said that he hasn’t even began to think about life after high school thus far. He said he wants to live in the moment and see where life takes him from there! Is there anything else you would want to share about yourself? Jace likes to spend his free time playing Xbox and watching Netflix.

Marc Robertson '12 Assistant JV/Varsity Coach