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Jun 20, 2018 - the Northeastern side of Old Moores Chapel Road, east of I-485 and South .... In accordance with State law, the Chief Financial Officer will file a ...
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City of Charlotte Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center 600 East 4th Street Charlotte, NC 28202

Meeting Agenda Monday, June 25, 2018

Council Chambers

City Council Business Meeting Mayor Vi Lyles Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt Council Member Dimple Ajmera Council Member Tariq Scott Bokhari Council Member Ed Driggs Council Member Larken Egleston Council Member Justin Harlow Council Member LaWana Mayfield Council Member James Mitchell Council Member Matt Newton Council Member Greg Phipps Council Member Braxton Winston II

City Council Business Meeting

Meeting Agenda

June 25, 2018


Closed Session (as necessary)


Mayor and Council Consent Item Questions Staff Resource(s): Danny Pleasant, City Manager’s Office Time:

5 minutes

Synopsis Mayor and Council may ask questions about Consent agenda items. Staff will address questions at the end of the Action Review meeting.


Agenda Overview Staff Resource(s): Marcus Jones, City Manager


Vision and Comprehensive Plan - Transportation and Planning Committee Update Staff Resource(s): Taiwo Jaiyeoba, Planning Time: 20 minutes Explanation § Over the last two years, the City has worked to update land use policies (Place Types) in conjunction with consolidating development ordinances (the Unified Development Ordinance). § Feedback from City Council, the Ordinance Advisory Committee, and community stakeholders has indicated a need to broaden the Place Type policy initiative. § In response, the City will embark on a comprehensive planning process and development of a 20 -year community vision that includes robust community engagement. § The Transportation and Planning Committee received an update on May 29, 2018, and this presentation will outline next steps. Future Action This presentation is for information purposes only.

City of Charlotte

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City Council Business Meeting


Meeting Agenda

June 25, 2018

UNC Charlotte Conference Center Staff Resource(s): Ron Kimble, City Manager’s Office Time: 20 minutes Explanation § UNC Charlotte plans to construct an on-campus development of a conference center and hotel at a LYNX Blue Line Extension stop. § This presentation will provide background on the planned project and a potential partnership with UNC Charlotte for the construction of the conference center. Future Action On July 23, City Council will be asked to consider a funding request to support the construction of the Conference Center. Additionally, a public hearing on a related rezoning petition will be held during the July 23 Council Business Meeting, with a decision anticipated during the August 27 Council Business Meeting.


Land Acquisition for Gateway Station Staff Resource(s): John Lewis, CATS Brian Nadolny, CATS Time: 10 minutes Explanation § The Gateway Station project is part of the 2030 Transit System Plan and includes a multi-modal transportation center with a rail passenger and bus station embedded in a newly created mixed-use development district in Uptown Charlotte. § The project design identifies additional parcels of land, not currently owned by the City, that are necessary for the construction of the Gateway Station complex. § This presentation will provide an update on land-acquisition for the project. Future Action City Council will be asked to consider a purchase agreement for five Mecklenburg County-owned parcels at the Council Business Meeting on July 23, 2018.


Answers to Mayor and Council Consent Item Questions Staff Resource(s): Danny Pleasant, City Manager’s Office Time: 10 minutes Synopsis Staff responses to questions from the beginning of the Action Review meeting.

City of Charlotte