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fast lessons,ideas and activities

middle primary Ready-to-go ideas and activities for an exciting drama program

Wendy Blaxland illustrated by Dee Texidor

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Ready-to-Go Drama Middle Primary Blake Publishing PO Box 250 Glebe NSW 2037 Project management: Wendy Rapee Designed by: Wendy Rapee Illustrated by: Dee Texidor Photo credits: Thanks to the Marian Street Theatre for Young People for photos of their students. p 13 Eleanor Blaxland Ashby Printed in Australia by Printing Creations

Thanks — Thanks to my wide circle of friends and family, colleagues, drama teachers and students. Thanks for your wisdom, inspiration and generosity in freely sharing your ideas and responses to my text. And special thanks to Michael Anderson, Education Faculty of Sydney University; Allan Ashby; Audrey Blaxland, drama teacher and founding director of Marian Street Children's Theatre; Eleanor, Jessica and Tom Blaxland Ashby, actors; Jenny Jackson-Nylund, Sher Guhl, James Lugton, Margie McCrae, Helen and Cathy Martin and Terry Ryan from Marian Street Theatre for Young People; Denis Maher, from ATSIS NSW (Communications); Barbara Lions, Guy and Mary Ross, teachers; John Marsden — and Wendy Rapee, editor supreme. — Wendy Blaxland

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Teachers’ File

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Quick Starts


Take Your Own Time


Background notes Classroom organisation Technology tips Assessment Parental involvement Activities requiring little or no preparation that will enable you to promote your students’ creativity, imagination and skills 27 Worksheets covering the following activities:

Creating: characters 1-3 Creating: improvisation 4-7 Skills: movement, mime, voice, design 8 - 12 Elements: focus, climax, mood, symbols 13 - 16 Presenting 17 - 20 Responding 21 - 23 Context 24 - 27

Step by Step

Task cards which draw together and consolidate skills taught in the Quick Starts and Worksheets, containing clear step by step instructions for students

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Ready-to-Go - Drama - Middle Primary


How To Use This Book This book is designed to offer busy teachers quick and helpful ways to teach drama, and all the exercises can be used in any order, many without any special preparation. Teachers new to drama can be assured the tips are proven and the exercises easy to use, and more experienced teachers will find plenty to extend their students. However, the book has also been carefully designed to cover all the outcomes for drama from the National Curriculum Profile for the Arts in a logical and comprehensive fashion. Often activities fulfil a number of outcomes from the profile, though only the main outcome