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December 2012 Issue

Make Them BEG Mthly

Your monthly reminder to promote YOURSELF to the top. Because if you don’t do it, nobody else will.

Letter From The Editors

WORK AND PLAY EVERYDAY This past month we were on our way to a meeting with the director of marketing for a gigantic Fortune 500 company. Woohoo!!! On the drive we did something we love: we brainstormed. First, we brainstormed and established some objectives for the meeting we were about to have, then we brainstormed all the content for this issue of MTB Monthly, and, finally, we brainstormed about US. We talked about the lifestyle we are creating, what we want to do most, what’s important to us, what we don’t want to do... basically, everything about the future we’re building. It was quintessential “Work & Play, Every Day,” which is why THAT is the theme of this issue. We encourage you to find people who you can do this exercise with. It’s SO important to have sounding boards for your ideas  –  people who support and contribute, obviously, not people who poo-hooh and “hate.” And if you don’t find someone, consider us!! We are opening up more masterminds, so if you want to work with us personally, now you can.

IN EVERY ISSUE Mindset Mastery As a very wise entrepreneur once said, “most business problems are really personal problems in disguise.” In each issue, we’ll tackle a “mindset issue.”

The Savvy Strategist In every issue, we’ll provide one strategic initiative to focus on that will help you heighten visibility, increase profitability, or improve operations.

Totally Tactical Apply the strategy from Savvy Strategist so you can boost your earnings and efficiency.

Emulate & Imitate Examples that you can use as guides to implement the above strategy.

Case Study Theory is great, but sometimes you’ve got to see examples of different strategies in action. Here you’ll find a fully fleshed-out example of how someone achieved dramatic results.

... About CONTENTS 1.

MINDSET MASTERY Myth Buster!! Many of us have fallen victim to the idea that once we have enough money, THEN we’ll have freedom. That belief keeps freedom just beyond our grasp because we’ll never feel like we have enough to stop. Instead we have to turn it around and realize that the freedom part comes FIRST.

2. THE SAVVY STRATEGIST Parkinson’s Law (AKA: Why You’ll NEVER Have “Enough” Time) Being productive isn’t about working MORE, it’s actually about LIMITING your work... and becoming more efficient with those precious hours.


YOUR TURN Plan Your Life A short exercise to generate an immediate increase in productivity and fun!

4. TOTALLY TACTICAL Outsourcing to Free Up Your Time A 7-step model to hire contractors and outsource the tasks you hate!!


EMULATE & IMITATE Creating Your Calendar for Peace of Mind Though calendaring can be intimidating at first, its ultimate purpose is to give you... more PLAYTIME and PEACE of MIND!

6. AUDIO INTERVIEW PREVIEW Through The Eyes Of Our Virtual Assistant, Toma Rusk


Make Them BEG is a business philosophy and training curriculum invented by Michelle Villalobos and Jessica Kizorek. Instead of begging for business, we teach our students to create an irresistible personal brand that magnetizes and seduces opportunities, customers and clients. In the end, our goal is to empower professionals to promote themselves powerfully – both online and off – to drive business, increase referrals, and raise prices. Have a question for us? Send it to [email protected] and we just might answer it in an upcoming issue of Make Them BEG Monthly!

MINDSET MASTERY Each month we’ll be drawing on one mindset issue to help you get in the right “head space” to implement that issue’s tactical and practical applications.

Myth Buster! You’re walking in an empty parking lot. Suddenl