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Applications are invited from eligible Sri Lankan students for the award of scholarships ... Should be a citizen of Sri Lanka. (b) ... Architecture & Civil Engineering.
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Ministry of Higher Education Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarships - 2015 (College of Technology Students) Applications are invited from eligible Sri Lankan students for the award of scholarships offered by the Japanese Government to study at a Japanese College of Technology for the year 2015 under the above scholarships scheme. (01)

General Eligibility requirements:(a)

Should be a citizen of Sri Lanka.


Should have passed the G.C.E. (A/L) examination conducted by the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka with subjects relevant to the field applicant intends to apply.


Should posses a good knowledge of English.


Should not be an employee under the Government or a statutory body.


Should not be a student already registered for undergraduate courses of study at any university or a State sector Higher Educational Institution in Sri Lanka.


Fields of Study: S.N



Mechanical Engineering


Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Information,Communication & Network Engineering


Materials Engineering


Architecture & Civil Engineering


Maritime Engineering


Other fields

Note: Applicants for a major in the fields categorized as other fields (International Communication, Management Information Engineering etc.) may have difficulties in finding Colleges of Technology capable of accepting them.

2 (03)

Other Conditions: a) Applicant must be willing to learn the Japanese Language in one year period and receive College of Technology education in Japanese. b) The Candidate: should be born between April 2nd, 1993 and April 1st, 1998. c) Applicant will be ineligible if he/she 

is a service member or a civilian employee registered on the active military list.

is a grantee of a scholarship from an organization other than the Japanese Government.

was a grantee of a Japanese government scholarship in the past, which less than 3 years shall have passed as of April 1, 2015.counted from the first day of the month that followed the last –payment month of such scholarship .

is currently enrolled in a Japanese University with the resident status of “college student”, or will be enrolled in a Japanese University as an other source or self financed international student between the time of application for this scholarship in his/her country and the time the scholarship period is due to begin.


Terms of Award Grantee will be provided, a) 117, 000 yen per month b) Economy class air ticket. C) Fees for entrance examinations, matriculation and tuition fee.

Notes:  Scholars are required to bring approximately US $ 2000 to cover immediate needs just after arrival in Japan.  The scholarship will not be paid to a grantee who takes a leave of absence or is long absent from his /her college of technology or the preparatory Japanese teaching institution. (05) Nominations & Final Selections a) Applicants have to sit for the academic examination as follows.  

All applicants wishing to study Materials Engineering must sit examinations in Japanese, English, Mathematics and Chemistry. All applicants wishing to study in fields other than Materials Engineering must sit examinations in Japanese ,English ,Mathematics and Physics

3 b) Nominations will be made through an interview conducted by the Japanese Embassy in Colombo after short listing of applicants on the basis of their results of the above tests. c) These nominations will be sent to the selection authority in Japan through the Japanese Embassy in Colombo. d) The final selections will be made by the Government of Ja