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User activity, currently viewing… ... Native apps (iOS, Android), web apps (HTML5)… ... Full user profile and user context (activity, location…) • The product or ...
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Mobile Customer Service

Features • • • •

Visual IVR Customer Context Mobile Payment Connect to your customers on Mobile Apps

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Benefits No waiting Time No Re-identification Profile your customer through mobile apps Customer Centric

TheLink impact • Share your customer experience through social media • Extend social interactions to mobile environment 1

Multi- Channel Customer Experience Mobile Trends 85% of adults in this region have access to phone banking services

Online Banking doesn’t exceed 15%


THE MOBILE : Mobile Marketing Platform • VOCALCOM has integrated a comprehensive platform for mobile apps and mobile marketing campaigns to meet the growing needs of governments, public services, businesses, events & retail.

TapCreator create mobile engagement Comprehensive platform to build, publish & maintain mobile apps, no technical skills needed.

• THE MOBILE Platform allows you to easily manage your apps and launch mobile campaigns: • • • • •

Multi-lingual apps Instant content updates Rich analytics Send location-based push notifications And much more…

TapTarget launch omni-channel campaigns Omni-channel campaign builder for marketing teams with user profiling, location-targeting, behavioral targeting…

Why mobile apps with contact center integration ? • Smartphones and tablets are a huge part of everyday life.

• Companies use mobile apps to stay connected and engage with their customers. • By integrating the contact center inside the apps, the apps become personal and omni-channel. • With omni-channel apps, your company will have a personal, relevant, context-aware and direct communication line to your customers for sales, support, assistance…



Omni-channel communication

Turn context into data


Country, city, street, at home or on the road, language…

BEHAVIOR User activity, currently viewing…

Web, mobile, kiosk…


= omni-channel view on customer used to connect the right agent automatically and personalize the conversation

Turn data into action


User profile, user context…

e.g. “intention to buy”

DECISION Select hot prospects

ACTION Trigger instant call-backs, push notifications…


Turn raw data to useful insights. Automatically make the right decision for each customer and take immediate action (call-back, personalized offerings…)

Smart call button: easy integration in any app

• The Smart call button is easily integrated in any app: • New apps & existing apps • Native apps (iOS, Android), web apps (HTML5)…

Flanders infoline Calculate your building tax

Select your city

• With the Smart call button, the user can directly call the contact center: • Call now or instant call-back • View waiting times • No IVR, automatic skill-based and context-based routing, using realtime data captured in the app

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Turn your apps into a personal assistant

• Your customers will use your apps 24/7 to find information, make bookings, request a service, buy a product, prepare a purchase etc. But they will have questions and they will need your help sooner or later.

Flanders infoline Calculate your building tax Select your city

• With a Smart call button, the app becomes a truly personal assistant. Th