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As shown in Figure 1 (overleaf), the framework consists of a core engine for running a learning process, a number of service modules and some connection modules. The core engine receives an Extensible Markup. Language (XML) LD document as input and produces a runtime instance of a learning environment ready to ...
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Mobile learning anytime everywhere A book of papers from MLEARN 2004 Edited by Jill Attewell and Carol Savill-Smith


Mobile learning anytime everywhere A book of papers from MLEARN 2004 Edited by Jill Attewell and Carol Savill-Smith


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MLEARN 2004 conference papers Using learning theories to design instruction for mobile learning devices Mohamed Ally


JELD, the Java Environment for Learning Design Marco Arrigo, Manuel Gentile and Davide Taibi


mCLT: an application for collaborative learning on a mobile telephone Marco Arrigo, Manuel Gentile, Davide Taibi, Giorgio Chiappone and Domenico Tegolo


Engaging and supporting mobile learners Jill Attewell and Tamatha Webster


Mobile learning in the retail trade: TransmobiLE (EU-funded Leonardo da Vinci II pilot project) Artur Barth and Gottfried Kreis


Wireless learning community hub Russell Beale


Integrating situated interaction with mobile awareness Russell Beale and Matthew Jones


Multimedia m-learning using mobile phones Kuderna-Iulian Benta, Marcel Cremene and Razvan Padurean


Finding the appropriate learning objects: human, mobility, and community issues Andrew Brasher


Development of a research plan for use of ambient technology to test mobile learning theories Andrew Brasher and Josie Taylor


Interactive Logbook: the development of an application to enhance 39 and facilitate collaborative working within groups in higher education Susan Bull, Larry Bridgefoot, Daniel Corlett, Paul Kiddie, Tom Marianczak, Chet Mistry, Neil Sandle, Mike Sharples and Daniel Williams Determining location in context-aware mobile learning Will Byrne, Peter Lonsdale, Mike Sharples, Chris Baber, Theodoros N Arvanitis, Pat Brundell and Russell Beale


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