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Designed to reduce call center volume, shorten resolution times, and ... GeoFluent Chat uses advanced language processing plus customized branding and ...
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How Language Impacts the Customer Experience Building client engagement and brand loyalty across your global markets takes more than an advertising campaign—you must connect at the individual level. In the global marketplace, that means connecting with and supporting customers in their native language. Increasingly, companies have embraced the use of online chat agents to quickly and effectively manage global customer needs. Designed to reduce call center volume, shorten resolution times, and increase customer satisfaction, this channel is cost-effective, but can be perceived as impersonal, especially given its inherent language limitations. If your chat service is language-limited, non-English speakers are less likely to participate, leaving you without a valuable customer touch point, and with increased service costs. It isn’t feasible to have dedicated in-country customer service in every market, but Lionbridge has a translation solution that is the next best thing. Say hello, hola, and ahoj to instant, high quality translation that fully integrates with your existing chat application.

Meeting the Multilingual Chat Challenge For most chat interactions, traditional approaches to translation are not effective. The content is too dynamic, human translation is too costly, and the translation needs to be instantaneous. However, a new solution has emerged. Machine translation software (often called MT) instantly and cost-effectively transforms content from one language to another. With an MT-based solution you can extend your chat service to non-English speakers, and interact with them in their preferred language.

Instant Translation for Every Language Lionbridge has taken cloud-based, on-demand translation and integrated it with common chat applications. Simply put, your chat agents are now empowered to connect and communicate with your global customers in their preferred languages. Every customer matters so make sure every interaction counts. Partner with us to create a truly multilingual chat experience that builds customer engagement and satisfaction, deepens brand loyalty, and drives incremental revenue.

Leveraging MT in Conversational Communications In conversational communications, real-time translation can be hampered by short-hand, abbreviations, or branded terms. Spelling and punctuation may be less formal or missing altogether. The key to leveraging MT for your chat agents is to choose an approach that effectively addresses both the dynamic nature and language nuances of online communication.

The Solution: GeoFluent Chat GeoFluent Chat from Lionbridge is an automated real-time translation solution built to enable your English-speaking online chat personnel to engage global customers on a one-to-one basis.

Engage customers in the language that matters most to them— their own—and deliver superior support, decrease time-toresolution (TTR), and increase incremental revenue. GeoFluent Chat uses advanced language processing plus customized branding and terminology glossaries. This results in a seamless and instant translation experience that enhances customer support and preserves your brand identity across languages. Your chat personnel now have the ability to support multiple global customers simultaneously in a user-friendly, fast, and secure environment.

GeoFluent Chat Solves the Global Communication Challenge Engage and Support Your Non-English Speaking Customers in Their Native Language Improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

Increase Revenue and Conversion Rates

With GeoFluent, you can support all customer inquiries, at any time, in their preferred language, even when the in-country agents are not available.

Industry experts have shown that people make quicker buying decisions and spend more online after chatting with a well-trained agent. With GeoFluent, chat is now available to customers who were not cu