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this year − mainly on online editorial platforms and social networks.1. Native Ads can be ... blog or newsletter. Mainly text with pictures, ... Where is the content hosted? Which formats are used? Who creates these ads? Native Advertising − a ...
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uPDaTE april 2014

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NaTivE aDvErTiSiNg Sum m ary Advertisers are looking for alternatives to conventional display advertising campaigns as consumers become more immune to them and click-through rates decrease. Thus, publishers are increasingly offering Native Advertising formats which seamlessly integrate with a website’s original content. Critics see this as a threat to editorial independence. Nonetheless, 78 % of publishers and 61 % of brands worldwide plan to use Native Advertising 1

Native Ads can be displayed easily on small mobile screens, which further increases their relevance.

DEfiNiTioN The term Native advertising describes high-value content created or commissioned by brands, which is integrated into a website’s look and feel. Platforms such as Buzzfeed rely solely on Native advertising. Lately, an increasing number of traditional publishers have jumped on the bandwagon and started selling Native ads (e.g. NyT, WSJ, forbes).

Promoted links in search results

Content sponsored by companies for newsletters addressing a niche topic

Promoted posts in social media, integrated into the newsfeed





First print ads made to look like articles in the Hawaiian Star Advertiser 2



Promoted product listings in search results

Stories on general interest topics produced by companies blend with other content

Sources: 1Hexagam/Spada (2013), 2The Awl (2013)


Ads in form of online articles

Ex a mPLES o f N aT i v E

1.3 m

53 %

73 %

The brand MINI reached 1.3 m social actions with the most successful Native Advertising campaign to date 4

of U.S. consumers notice Native Ads more frequently than traditional banner ads 5

of publishers in the United States offer Native Advertising on their platforms 6


Sponsored videos

78 61 46 34

Expected worldwide use of Native advertising: 2013 vs. 20143 (in percent)



2013 2014

Video recommendations in search results

Sponsored playlists Playlists’ cover photos can be linked to URLs, playlists can be created by companies

Sponsored posts




Posts produced by companies blend into original content

Difference to Content marketing Sponsored listings

Native advertising

Ads corresponding to look & feel of third party website

Which formats are used?

Third party publisher sites like Buzzfeed or on social media

Where is the content hosted?

Sponsored posts in text, picture and video formats

What do these ads look like?

Content creation and advertising space on third party website

How do costs for advertisers occur?

Agencies, publishers and perhaps companies themselves

Who creates these ads?

Content marketing

Advertised listings are shown in search results

Content posted on company’s own web properties

Sponsored stories

Brand’s own website, blog or newsletter

Mainly text with pictures, videos or charts

Stories produced by companies mix with other content

Sponsored links Promoted links appear within search results

Content creation, hosting, administration

Companies and brands, agencies

Sources: 3 Hexagram/Spada (2013): sample size > 1000, 4 Native Advertising Leaderboard (2013), 5 Sharethrough (2013), 6 Online Publisher Association (2013)


Newcomers and traditional media BuzzfEED