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Newhope Sewer Replacement Project



Construction is Under Way As you may know, the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) is constructing the Newhope Sewer Replacement Project on State College Blvd. This project will increase the size of the Newhope-Placentia Trunk Sewer in the cities of Fullerton and Anaheim. OCSD has developed this Neighborhood Bulletin as a way to keep you, our neighbors, informed about our construction activities and schedule. We hope you find that it answers your questions and keeps you informed. Why is this project needed? The aging infrastructure is more than 50

years old and nearing the end of its service life. It is not large enough to handle the projected wastewater flows and needs to be replaced. This project will extend the useful life of the sewer pipes for another 50 years. When is the project scheduled? There are two phases to this project. Phase A construction started in April 2016 and will be complete in late 2017. Phase B construction is expected to begin in winter 2018.

of the 91 freeway. Phase A also included a segment of Yorba Linda Boulevard from Associated Road to State College Boulevard. Phase B will take place in Anaheim along State College Boulevard from south of the 91 freeway to Orangewood Avenue. *(Please see map on reverse for more specific details.)

Where is the work taking place? Phase A takes place in Fullerton along State College Boulevard from Yorba Linda Boulevard to just south


Your Safety and the Safety of Your Students is Our Priority! During construction of this project, extensive traffic control will be set up at various locations. While we recognize that traffic control can cause delays and congestion, as well as frustration, it is necessary to allow enough space for installation of the sewer in turn, keeping our crews and the public safe. We encourage you to drive carefully and obey all of the traffic signage in place. The current construction zone on State College Boulevard is in the vicinity of several nearby schools. Because lane and turn restrictions are necessary we encourage parents and students to allow extra travel time. Please watch closely for pedestrians and remind your children to obey all traffic laws and walk and drive with extra caution while in the area. Jaywalking is dangerous, especially in a construction zone where there is heavy traffic congestion as well as large vehicles and equipment. While inconvenient, traffic control is in place for the safety and welfare of everyone. These are active construction zones. They can be intriguing, especially to children, but they pose many dangers. Please talk to your children and remind them of the dangers surrounding these areas. It’s imperative that people stay out of the construction zones, cross streets only at designated crosswalks and watch their speed limit. Thank you and remember to be safe!

Newhope Sewer Replacement Project Phase A Construction Update Project scheduled to be completed in late 2017

Yorba Linda Blvd


Location: Yorba Linda Blvd. between State College and Associated Road – sewer work is complete, street restoration is pending Completion: Mid August 2016

CSUF Nutwood Ave


Chapman Ave

Location: State College between Yorba Linda Blvd. and Ranch Road. Start: Late July 2016 Completion: September 2016

Commonwealth Ave Orangethorpe Ave

La Palma Ave


State College Blvd

Location: State College between Ranch Road and Dorothy Lane Completed Location: State College between Nutwood Ave. and East Santa Fe * Start: September 2016 Completion Date: April 2017 Location: State College between Kimberly Ave. and South of 91FWY * ■ Current Construction Areas

■ Upcoming Construction Areas