Newbury Town Plan 2019 - 2036 - Newbury Town Council

Jun 25, 2018 - arterial road (A34) has no common junction with the other ...... Theatre Society, Newbury Symphony Orchestra, Cantemus, Kennet Opera, ...
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Newbury Town Plan 2019 - 2036 —

"Newbury - The Crossroads of Southern England"

June 2018 Adopted by Newbury Town Council 25th June 2018

Newbury Town Plan 2019 - 2036

Members of the Steering Group Newbury Town Council Cllr Howard Bairstow Cllr Jeanette Clifford Cllr Lynne Doherty Cllr Adrian Edwards (Council Leader) Cllr Miles Evans (Council Deputy Leader) Cllr John Gardner Cllr Dave Goff Cllr Elizabeth O’Keeffe Cllr Margo Payne Cllr Anthony Pick (Chairman) Cllr Martha Vickers

Co-opted West Berkshire Councillor Cllr Paul Bryant

Neighbouring Parishes Cllr Alan Croney, Enborne Cllr Pragna Hay, Greenham Cllr Bill Graham, Shaw-cum-Donnington Cllr Elizabeth Nonweiler, Shaw-cum-Donnington Cllr Alan Booth, Speen

Co-opted External Specialists Bruce Blaine, Environmental planning expert Tony Trigwell-Jones, Artistic Director, Arlington Arts The Town Council is grateful to them for their information, advice and support.

Officer Support Hugh Peacocke, Town Council CEO


Contents — 1 - Executive Summary 2 - Map of Plan Area 3 - Overview 4 - The Future of Newbury 5 - Character of Newbury 6 - Newbury Business and Commerce 7 - Leisure, Culture and Tourism 8 - Transport 9 - Education 10 - The Environment 11 - Health and Wellbeing in Newbury 12 - Consultees for the Town Plan

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Newbury Town Plan 2019 - 2036


Executive Summary

Newbury Town Council has written this Town Plan to focus on how the town of Newbury should respond positively and constructively to the expected challenges over the next 20 years, and to inform and influence the WBC Local Area Plan 2019-2036. The remit of the Plan and the definition of “Newbury” are not just the civil parish but the whole Newbury urban settlement area, and for that reason the four neighbouring parishes of Enborne, Greenham, Shaw-cum-Donnington, and Speen have been fully involved. This remit remains distinct from the town of Thatcham. Building on the town’s present strengths, the Plan is underlined by six strategic objectives:

• • • • • •

to sustain and promote the town’s architectural, historic, and environmental character and its social and cultural infrastructure;

to sustain and enhance the quality of life available to its residents; to ensure that it attracts and retains a wide range of businesses as they grow and develop; to develop the town as a major leisure and cultural centre; to provide an attractive opportunity for its young people; to provide for the health and care requirements of its population.

The following are the principal directions which the Plan recommends for the town, some of which are new and some of which build on existing strengths. 1.1


and gateways roads can with care be maintained, with

by 2036 will be needed to forecast the town’s housing,

the aid of Conservation Area Appraisals and local listing,

education, health and retirement care, day care centres, and

while accommodating new architectural designs and

transport services over the Plan period.

The architectural integrity of its historic core, suburbs,

An assessment of the population and age profile of Newbury

taller buildings. Its historic identity should continue to be researched, preserved and promoted.


1.4 Newbury must be flexible and adaptable in providing opportunities to new business start-ups, growing businesses

Newbury lies within fixed planning borders. In addition

requiring new space, and businesses seeking to enter the

to new housing, space will be required for incoming and

area. A planning policy is required which is specifically

expanding businesses; primary, se