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Spring 2018

News You Can Use Celebrating Janice’s Retirement Over the past 11 years, you have more than likely had the pleasure of speaking with Janice Teagle on the telephone or when you’ve come into the office for a portfolio review. We’ve been delighted to have her as Director of First Impressions at The Driscoll Group over that time. Her warm spirit and caring energy are contagious and we will surely miss her daily presence in the office. Please join us in wishing Janice a very well-deserved and happy retirement!

dependents should benefit from the doubling of the standard deduction. In contrast, middle class families with more than two children may very well receive a higher bill due to the elimination of the personal exemptions. For the vast majority in simple situations though, a lower maximum rate will result in a lower tax bill regardless of the changes to deductions and credits. Long term let’s hope the rosy estimations of economic growth post-tax reform hold true, because if not, the U.S. is in for an even more indebted future. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if the government continues to spend more money than it brings in, eventually the chickens (or the Chinese) will come to roost. In any case and in all seriousness, we recommend consulting with your tax professional to determine how you might be affected in the near term. And for those curious, here is an updated link to important tax numbers for 2018.

Who Benefits From Tax Reform?

The Ultimate College Saving Vehicle

From an investment standpoint the permanent reduction to a maximum 21% corporate tax rate starting in 2018 is an obvious boon for shareholders. For individuals filing taxes, you may not be able to complete your return on a postcard, but for most the code is simpler. Households on a fixed income with one or no

While the “designated” college savings vehicle may be a 529 plan, a Roth IRA can offer more flexibility and control while still providing many of the same tax benefits. Why might one consider using a retirement account for education expenses instead of an account specifically designed to save for college?

8825 Perimeter Park Blvd., Suite 604 • Jacksonville, FL 32216 • [904) 620-9993 • Fax (904) 620-9986 •

1. ROTH IRAs are not included on the FAFSA form. If applying for financial aid, 529 assets

beyond financial returns, such as encouraging social or environmental best practices, to those who aim to improve return potential through

are included in the calculation whereas ROTH IRAs are not. 2. ROTH IRAs are more flexible. If a student receives a scholarship, ROTH IRA funds can be used for something else (like retirement). The growth within a 529 account is subject to income tax plus a 10 percent penalty if it is spent on anything other than qualified education

consideration of this extra-financial information. From an investment perspective, there are clear arguments to be made about the importance of a company’s culture and corporate governance. One need look no further than the governance horror stories of Enron or Worldcom to see how this factor can play a significant role in portfolio returns.

expenses. 3. ROTH IRAs may provide the same tax-free treatment for distributions. ROTH IRA contributions can be distributed at any age, at any time, 100% tax and penalty free. Distributions of the growth within a ROTH IRA are tax and penalty free after the account holder reaches 59 and ½. Sustainable Investing As markets evolve and investors increasingly consider goals beyond financial growth, sustainable investing is gaining considerable traction and thus the options for investors are expanding. Known by many names, sustainable investing encompasses strategies that integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into investment analysis. The motivations behind this methodology range from investors who seek to achieve benefits