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FALL 2017. DEC. 1-2. 2017 Rotary Holiday House Tour, 10am-4pm both days. DEC. 24-31. Closed for Christmas Holidays. JAN. 3. Open for the 2018 season! A Message ... exhibition, Dreams and Schemes: Building the Welland ... artist is one of many featured in the exhibition, which includes more than seventy art works.
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FALL 2017

NEWSLETTER Current Exhibitions

Volume 1, Issue 1

 Dreams and Schemes:

A Message From the Director/Curator

Building the Welland Canals

 Dancing in Circles: Rituals to Classical Ballet

 John Graves & Elizabeth Simcoe: 18th Century Power Couple

 The Group of Seven Project: A Portfolio of Prints

 Bronze sculptures by Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté Sculptures

Greetings to members of the RiverBrink community. Our new quarterly newsletter is intended to keep art lovers up to date on events and exhibitions here at RiverBrink. Although the fall season is a bit quieter in NOTL, we are busy welcoming visitors to a new exhibition, Dreams and Schemes: Building the Welland Canals, which opened September 28. A fall opening is new for us at RiverBrink and a reflection of the shift to year-round operations in recent years. The opening W. Louis Sonntag, JOINING THE GREAT LAKES WITH THE OCEAN, HARPER’S WEEKLY, September 21, 1895, Collection reception was well attended and so far response to the of Robert W. Sears. exhibition has been very positive. In case the image above is cause for concern, I can reassure you that no, the canal does not pass by our doorstep! The pneumatic lift illustrated in this print from Harper’s Weekly was one of the more ambitious late 19th-century proposals for a canal. This quite amazing scheme was predicated on new technology and the need for an ambitious expansion of the canal system to compete with railroads. The artist, W. Louis Sonntag Jr., was an American illustrator, the son of Hudson River School landscape painter William L. Sonntag Senior. The artist is one of many featured in the exhibition, which includes more than seventy art works on loan from local collections as well as the National Gallery of Canada, Library and Archives Canada, and the Canadian Museum of History. The ability to provide stable environmental conditions and adequate security for work on loan from the national collections in Ottawa is an exciting new development for RiverBrink. As a result of the many generous loans, the exhibition provides a unique opportunity to view these art works locally. We hope to see you here soon. - Debra Antoncic

Upcoming Events DEC 1-2 2017 Rotary Holiday House Tour, 10am-4pm both days DEC Last day for Learnmore Adult Education Series, 6 week course 6 DEC Closed for Christmas Holidays 24-31 JAN Open for the 2018 season! 3

New and Returning Members, Fall 2017

The Queenston Circle RiverBrink Art Museum invites lovers of both art and history to support our mission as members of the Queenston Circle. Through this special membership group, patrons contribute to a shared vision of the place of visual arts and heritage in the life of the community of Niagara and to building and sustaining this important local resource. Your annual contribution to the Queenston Circle supports quality programming, audience development, and ongoing care and growth of the art collection at RiverBrink. A Donation of $500 per Individual Provides the Following Benefits:

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